“I’m not organised…I’m just too lazy to look for things!”…..

A little while ago well……. last week Becksie was having an uninspired day! A lovely lady who has been a HUGE support with this project sent us a guest post to have in the blog bank for a night when we wanted a night off. You’ve guessed it……. we want a night off. So……. we scheduled this post and when you get to read this we are probably drinking wine, watching tv or more likely thinking up our next plan for world domination. We can highly recommend that you sign up to read Kate’s blog as it is most excellent and her recipes are great. So……… Kate it’s over to you:

Kate 4

‘CookaholicKate has never considered herself to be a naturally organised person and I remember one of those fridge magnets that we used to sell in the shop that stated

“I’m not organised…I’m just too lazy to look for things!”…..

this along with

“ Dust testing in progress … please don’t disturb the samples”  and

“I’m on the Gin Diet…I’ve lost two days already”

will give you a pretty good idea of my philosophy on life and the way my nearest and dearest obviously judged me to be!

The “too lazy to look for things” certainly applied to my working life and I must have driven the girls barmy with my “systems” and colour coded files , my new husband on the other hand is of the “nutty proffessor” variety and liked piles of paper all around his chair.  A whirlwind of confetti and expletives would occur whenever he needed something and my cat thought it was a great game too and would always join in with the paperchase! Obviously now that he has married me things have changed and if papers dare to remain on the floor they will get filed in the vacuum cleaner…an item which is of course a mystery to many men that live on their own!


Now like many of you who are keen cooks you will be with me on that oh so annoying trait of

“things that lurk in kitchen cupboards”…the one that occurs when you are halfway through a recipe, being certain, of course that you have all the ingredients in stock “somewhere” in those cupboards!

It generally involves removing every said items in food cupboards, drawers and anywhere else that I might concievably have stashed it. If I am lucky I will find it eventually and it will be shrivelled beyond belief and about 5 years out of date and said recipe will evolve into something else entirely.

Once I was no longer working in the shop , cooking became a more important part of my daily life and those pesky “systems” soon started to appear in my kitchen and for some reason that I can’t quite fathom my visitors and dinner guests curl up with amusement when I open my kitchen cupboards now!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I do confess to having purchased the containers from (sorry Becksie) a Supermarket, in the days before I knew better of course, but I have seen them in Pound shops and those lovely Independent shops that sell everything under the sun. The cereal type with pop up lids are perfect for flours, otherwise test a few different sizes to find what works best for you. I love my blue lidded tubs as they have a lovely little scoop in the lids which means I don’t dirty up another spoon (you can see the lazy theme coming in to play again here)! If you are an avid Chinese takeaway consumer their containers are great for smaller 100g packs like nuts. Labelling has just been a cheap roll of white labels and a permanent  marker pen but you could get creative with a computer and clear labels or find pretty labels in a craft shop if the fancy takes you.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Shame I can’t feel the call to organise my linen cupboard too but my “Gin Diet” is calling right now!…..(ps Becksie don’t post this at 10am or I will look like a right lush!)’

Thanks Kate………. we considered posting a picture of our ingredients cupboard but…….. we daren’t! Although we are proud to share a picture of our oven – cleaned by the lovely Mammar Gray today. Thank you it’s AMAZING! Mammar also LOVES storage tubs but hers are not as tidy as Kate’s!

kate 5

Have a fab weekend and don’t forget to pop on over to Cookaholic Kate’s blog


15 thoughts on ““I’m not organised…I’m just too lazy to look for things!”…..

    • I usually use old washing up water, a wire wool scourer and a short sharp burst of elbow grease…it’s fairly hard work but only for 10 mins! Bicarb is quite good too (make a paste with water) but be careful to rinse it very well or you will end up with a white oven like me!

  1. I love that system of organisation. I have started something similar, but not to that degree. I think I’ll have to acquire some more Tupperware and continue what I’ve started so it looks like yours Kate.

    Love the shiny oven too!

    • once you start it gets a bit addictive…it’s the getting started that’s usually the problem…my oven doen’t look like that…I hate cleaning ovens!

  2. *Hastily shuts cupboard doors in kitchen* Ahem….

    Kate, you’re quite right about the time wasted looking for ingredients you’re quite sure you’ve got. Sorting cupboards is on my To Do list.

  3. the other day I opened my “baking ingredients” cupboard to take out some flour, and found it securely stuck to the shelf. Trying other items yielded the same result. The culprit? a tin of black treacle had somehow leaked. Im off to buy lots of plastic storage boxes!!! Thanks Kate

  4. Wow, my OH would think Id been replaced by an alien if my cupboards were that tidy and well organised!
    Nice blog Kate, Ive got the ‘dust samples’ magnet on my fridge alongside my ‘drink coffe – do stupid things faster with more energy’ :o)
    Oh and thans for reminding me Team pugh, oven cleaning is on the agenda this weekend as I cant put it off any monger. :o(

  5. have you heared the one only boaring people have imaculate houses i have it all stored just where i left it and have to make what i want with the ingredients i have lurking more power to you if your that organised please come and start in my cupbords and never worry about the gin diet it is always 5.oclock somewhere and if we lived the continental way of life here we would be drinking from dawn to dusk cheers

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