Shopping, breaking things and a lovely day with a friend!

So after our preaching on kindness yesterday and our trip way off the shopping piste we thought we best get you up to speed on the week’s shop.Shopping! 2

We may only just be blogging about it but the shopping was actually done earlier in the week – the first part at Abingdon market on Monday and the second part in Faringdon on Tuesday.

Part 1

Part 1

Part 2!

Part 2!

As  is becoming our routine we try to tie the shopping in with other events and over the period we have been supermarket free we have become quite good at knowing what we can get where and so (dare we say it) the non supermarket shop is now an easy way of life. Increasingly we find these shopping posts hard to write as …….. we often feel like we are repeating the same thing. We guess we now need to think of ways to ‘spice up’ our local shop – Ian’s best idea involve roller skating,  ordering food in a foreign language and refusing to use carrier bags, just our hands. Hmmm, other suggestions very gratefully received!!

So back to this weeks shopping a total of £48.24 (we decided to buy some fancy pants walnut oil to make more walnut and raisin bread) and a great haul of fruit – this means happy Becksie and happy Lizzie.

Shopping! 7In other news, there was a sad moment at Chateau Team Pugh this week. When we moved into our first little flat we collected up all the required bits and bobs one needs for a home, many of which have by now been broken, died, passed on, sold or even just lost (although we expect that some of the ‘lost’ items are just buried in one of Ian’s sheds). A few choice items have followed us from house to house, including our little teabag and sugar pots. On Wednesday Becksie dropped the lid of the sugar pot – disaster! Then……… this morning she dropped the teabag pot lid – its almost like the teabag pot lid couldn’t live without the sugar pot lid!! Oh very dear what are the chances of that? Weird!

Shopping! 3

Shopping! 5Today Becksie and Lizzie went to visit our lovely friend Sandie and ate a very delicious lunch, we had lots of fun and did some of our 68 kind acts – the list is growing and we are looking forward to sharing them with you very soon. We also visited the lovely deli in Deddington but resisted the temptation to buy anything – which was very hard. We are pleased to report that Frank the butcher outside has survived and has had a total makeover and is now looking rather dashing.Shopping! 6



6 thoughts on “Shopping, breaking things and a lovely day with a friend!

  1. Sorry to hear about the lids – the sugar pot one looks like it could have been stuck together again? Ian’s idea of not using carriers isn’t so mad (though using your hands is!) but I’m sure you use cloth bags anyway (don’t you?)

  2. Hi Becksy. Sorry about the breakages. I have spells like that. One thing I would love to know more about is the meals you turn your shopping into because they provide such inspiration, especially for those of us (most of us?) who are experiencing austerity firsthand! Your blog is my favourite read of the day. I hope you sustain it in some form after the year is up.

  3. PS. Another challenge would be limiting the food miles your shopping has travelled. I must say this is very difficult: I once did the food miles diet and lost about a stone!

  4. Make, and use Morsbags – cloth bags you make and give away.
    really love reading your blog it is inspirational and uplifting.

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