Today Becksie is OVERWHELMED! dress 5

A while ago she popped into nearby Lechlade Post Office and got chatting to the lady who works in there and happened to mention the Dress a Girl Around the World project. Now this lovely lady is part of Lechalde WI and asked Becksie to go along and give the project a mention a few months ago. Becksie did this and a few ladies were interested in making a few dresses!

dress 4Last week Becksie got an email from the lovely lady who invited Becksie along to this month’s meeting to collect a few dresses. Becksie was delighted and went tonight!

The ladies at their dress day!

The ladies at their dress day!

She is OVERWHELMED as on arrival she learnt it wasn’t just a few dresses it was…………………………………… drum roll please…………………………………………….68 dresses!

dress 2

Becksie was actually lost for words (as was Mammar Gray) and if you know Becksie (and Mammar) this rarely happens!!!!!!dress 3

The dresses are all beautiful. Becksie is still a little speechless and feels emotional that these dresses will help so many little girls! One lady even made 21!!!!

dress 6

Not only has this boosted the total dresses Becksie has towards her target of 200 by a mega amount (total dresses now stand at 114, twenty of which have already gone over to the Gambia) but this has once again restored our faith that you really can change the world.

If you live in locally to Faringdon (or want to travel) we have a dress day organised for 13th July and details can be found here.

A HUGE thank you to the lovely ladies at Lechlade WI and also a few other friends of members who helped make these! Incredibly there is still more to come! Wow! dress 9

dress 8

dress 7


And one more thing – if you are a woman it really is worth checking out your local WI as it really is all about inspiring women and Becksie has met so many inspirational women since having contact with this wonderful organisation. This year’s WI resolution is even the preservation of Britain’s high streets, amazing! Again if you are local to Faringdon the Folly Dollies would be delighted to welcome you (we even have wine). If not it is worth looking on the WI website to find your nearest group, and if there isn’t one…………………….set one up!



18 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. What an amazing blog! Three cheers to the ladies…well done. There will be lots of happy young girls.

  2. Wow, can you imagin in every WI up and down the country got on board with this!
    Well done for you and these ladies for getting on board with such a worthy cause.

  3. what a lovely surprise they all did well its amazing that just a simple sowing project can make people care i am humbled x

  4. Amazing, It just goes to show you can make a difference in our world! Well done Ladies!

  5. Fantastic! I am trying to get Avebury WI to do something similar and will issue the challenge to make more dresses than Faringdon! xx

  6. I’d love to come and make some dresses, its an amazing thing to do. Is there a pattern online cos my daughter might help make some at home. I’ve often thought of joining the WI, they do some great stuff! x

  7. Wow, how wonderful! Great to see the range of fabrics too…some really lovely retro ones in there……

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