An Early Start…..

Car boot 4As you may be aware Ian is currently in the process of finishing the utility room, as he has been for the last year. At nap time yesterday Ian disappeared and Becksie thought he had gone into the utility to ‘crack on’ as Ian would put it.

About 40 minutes later Ian was no where to be found. Becksie looked high and low only to find Ian tidying his bottom shed. This was on the premise of looking for a hinge but Becksie is sure it was a case of yet again putting the final touches off! To cut a long story short, Ian was left with a tidy (in fact nearly empty) shed and a lot of items that he did not need but were too good to throw away, so….…..

Car boot 2

Sunday morning came and we were sat in the back of our car surround by said items, trying our best to tempt others into buying them.

Team Pugh have always enjoyed a good car boot, and spent many happy hours earning (and spending) a few pounds over the years.

Whilst we were sat selling we were treated to some choice quotes from the car boot goers, and we thought we would share a few of today’s best moments, along with some of our past favourites!

“How much is this?”


*woman quivers and walks away*

Car Boot 3

“How much for that?”


“Twenty pennies?”

Car Boot 1

“I can’t bear to see a homeless tigger, I’ll buy it”

“I have over 5000 clocks, I already have this one but I think the face is slighlty different, I’ll take it”

Becksie being told she was just like Alan Sugar!

Now we usually write about how much we have spent or saved, but today we are pleased to say we have made money, to the princely sum of Ā£164.10! Not bad for a morning’s work, especially as we are back home by 12.30!

Car boot 5And whilst all this was taking place Lizzie hung out at Grandad and Mammar Gray’s, lets hope she picked up some gardening tips, goodness knows we need them!Car Boot 6



16 thoughts on “An Early Start…..

  1. Brilliant booting Team Pugh! I’ve got a a garage full of stuff for a car boot but no-one to go with. One day I will manage to get there and hopefully make as much money as you! Lizzie obviously loved her time at Grandad and Mammar Grays, my daughter used to love sitting in the garden watching everything around her.

    • Go for it on the car boot front – its worth the early morning as clearing out rubbish quality stock hehe is great. Lizzie loves being out side and ….. playing in the soil

    • Thank you šŸ™‚ We plan to save the money šŸ™‚ No not been upset by anyone – the comments have always been moderated and come through to Becksie’s phone so it depends how quickly she sees them šŸ™‚

  2. You are so enterprising!!! And an inspiration to us all! I’d love to know where the car boot sale was too, we could do with following in your foosteps! I’d love it if you could email me or post here where it is.

      • Thank you team Pugh’s!! I found it online & it seems to start at 9am which is a lot better than 7.30, who goes to those so early??? Better get clearing out now!!

      • Hiya, it starts at 6am – eek! We were set up by 7 and took about half our earnings before 8 so would advise an early start! Its amazing how many folk go so early. Good luck with the clearing out šŸ™‚

      • Oh crikey!!! Never mind, I can do these things on a lovely summer day!!! (she tells herself with fingers crossed!!!) It will be fun though I’m sure. The trick will be to come back with less than I started with, I shall have to force myself to miss bargains!! Thanks loads

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