What a difference a day makes

A happy non supermarket shopper

A happy non supermarket shopper

Well 24 hours ago blogspiration was at an all time low but……. today we have a million blogging possibilities all thanks to the LOVELY day out Becksie and Lizzie have had. Now for a while Jenny has been saying we must visit Devizes with her to see the amazing market and independent shops that this town has to offer. So off we went this morning to Jenny and Daisy’s house to set off on our way to Devizes. When we got to Jenny’s we had the pleasure of meeting a truly lovely lady called Barbara who was visiting from afar (and enjoying the lovely weather we are having) she has known Jenny since she was small. We all chatted in the car and when we got to Devizes we met up with Maggie (aka Daisy’s Grandma).

devizes 6

devizes 1

Yes….. Becksie does have her jeans in her shoes – she HATES wet jean bottoms!

devizes 2

Our first port of call was the market! Fantastic, Amazing, Brilliant, Awesome and…….Wet! There were bargains galore and we had a potter around before heading to a lovely little independent coffee shop. After coffee we did a bit more market shopping and then went to the most lovely gift shop and had a whale of a time chatting to the shop owners for about 45 minutes. This gift shop was original full of amazing things and we were treated to a fantastic stand up comedy session from the fantastic owner!

The butchers sign

The butchers sign


Can you spot Jenny in the reflection?

Can you spot Jenny in the reflection?

We then went to the butcher and a vintage market before heading for lunch at the pepper mill. Both Lizzie and Daisy behaved like real little ladies and the owner even congratulated them on how well they had behaved.devizes 5

devizes 14 It was then on to Avebury to see the community shop where Daisy Grandma volunteers – it was a truly enchanted little shop and very well stocked. devizes 8

devizes 10

devizes 9It was then onto Daisy’s Grandma’s house where the girls had a play and the adults put the world to rights.

What a lovely day despite the awful weather. One thing that really struck us about Devizes was that even though the weather was more October then May the place was bustling! This High Street was most certainly NOT dead! In fact it was positively teeming with life and energy. What a lovely exciting and reassuring sight. The same was true of the community shop in Avebury. Whatever it is these two places are doing we need to bottle it and spray it (in large quanities) around the UK. And what better place to start than Team Pugh’s home town of Faringdon. Errrrmmmmmm certainly food for thought!

Can you tell we feel energised? Oh…….. we best tell you about the shopping given that this is a shopping based blog. Now first part of the weeks shopping was done at Millets farm on the way to see friends in Abingdon – it consisted of frozen fruit, reduced dairy products (we love Millets for this), condensed milk (a small treat) and some reduced bargain bananas.

devizes 7Phase two was completed yesterday when Becksie went to do her voluntary work and again contained bananas!

devizes 3And then…… phase three was done in Devizes today and as banana were a pound a bowl on the market we ermm topped up our bananas! Banana milkshake anyone?

devizes 11So……….£46.98 spent.  £3.02p in the savings pot bringing the total save on our £50 per week budget since November to a whoopping £384.27. Not bad at all.


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  1. SO glad you enjoyed your visit to Devizes and all it has to offer!!! Barbara and I (I think I can speak for Barbara here!) had a lovely day with the mummies and babies in spite of the awful weather. Here’s hoping to see you again soon xxx

  2. Can’t believe you went to Devizes and didn’t tell me! The boys could have come and trashed you very well-behaved lunch.. 🙂

  3. Glad you had such a lovely day out and filled up the BlogBox with inspiration!….looks like a lovely stash of food you have got in Becksie..I wonder what you will cook up this week…may be something Banana based!

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