Every Little Helps!

Tonight is one of those evenings at Team Pugh HQ (TPHQ) where our blog post will just not write itself. Ian is sat in the corner doing school(work) work and Becksie is sat inspirationless on the sofa trying to work out what to write.Every little helps

Why is tonight’s post so difficult to write?Sometimes they just are. Part of the problem with blogging every day is that sometimes we just don’t have anything to say, whilst we have had busy days we have not necessarily done something that anyone else might find interesting, and occasionally we eat a batch cooked dinner from the freezer, which whilst very tasty does not make for a great recipe post!

So tonight’s post dilemma continues……………………….well as you hopefully know that whilst Becksie does the majority of the writing here Ian does chip in with posts. And so tonight  to cheer up a somewhat blog-despondent Becksie he thought he would quickly write about the top 5 reasons he loves our Year Without Supermarkets!

1)      We eat lovely fresh food, lovingly prepared by Becksie. Thankfully Café Pugh now only involves popping a batch cooked meal from the microwave into the freezer and making some veg, no serious cooking required!

why 1

Cafe Pugh supplies

2)      Sometimes Becksie goes shopping in the week, but sometimes we take the time to go shopping as a family to local markets and shops at the weekend, as food is such an important part of our lives it is great to be able to buy it as a family.

3)      We feel like we are more involved in, give back to and are more conscious of our local town and economy, which for a small market town with a struggling high street has to be a good thing.

An icy but lovely lovely Faringon

An icy but lovely lovely Faringon

4)      We might spend a lot of time once Lizzie has gone to bed doing blogmin (blog admin) but it is actually quite enjoyable and is great to do together

5)      Our YWS (year without supermarkets – acronym city tonight!) has opened up an amazing raft of opportunities and experiences, local and national press and radio, TV and awards that our regular little lives never involved us in!

6)      As a bonus reason we have also saved a lot of money – £380+ so far – which always makes Ian happy.

And all of the above because one day Becksie came up with a crazy idea that we should give up supermarkets. Yes Ian thought it was a silly idea, yes Ian thought it would cost us a lot more money, yes Ian thought we would not be able to buy everything that we needed, yes Ian thought no one would be interested in reading a blog about it,  yes Ian was very wrong. Once again he has learned that he should listen to Becksie, and Yes he has apologised and said she was right, and how to make it up to her? Perhaps writing a little blog post on a night when she has no inspiration and making her a nice cup of tea 🙂

sun tea 3


10 thoughts on “Every Little Helps!

  1. Well I for one don’t know how you find the time and energy to write something everyday!….and I think you are both brilliant and inspirational and I love everything that you write. But as an idea why not have a few “spare” posts written when you are in the mood that you can post and have a day off when you are not in the mood,like you did when you went on holiday, and a few “spare” guest posts for the same reason…and I will even offer to write you one for the BlogBank!

    • Thanks Kate 🙂 Great idea but…… confession on our most creative days we do try to write 3 or 4 posts to save for a rainy day……. but……. just like biscuits if they are in the ‘house’ we use them hehe – Thank you so much for your blog we look forward to posting it 🙂

  2. I live in Wallingford, and at a pinch could do without the supermarket (Waitrose) as we have a Friday market in the town square and a Saturday one in the old Regal centre for local producers. But if I want fresh veg during the week there is only the supermarket, and I dont possess a car. Have you done any research into whats available in other market towns in the area? If so, would be pleased to hear about it..Many thanks for your daily dose of inspiration, and letting us share your ups & downs! regards, Pat

    • Hiya, Thank you so much for reading we are glad you enjoy our ramblings. We haven’t been out Wallingford way but if we hear of any good shops we will post about them – we shall ask some of our contacts if they have any info 🙂

  3. Hi Again,
    Well done for keeping going on the posting -it can be difficult to think of things to say – some blogs seem to apply “recycle the idea” a bit too often when stuck!
    I have been thinking about a topic for a guest post and will write it and send you it for the Blogbank
    I had an insane need to go to sainsburys last week but got through it – why on earth I was drawn towards it I dont know!!
    My husband was the same – 1. You won’t manage it – i have and he supports it, 2. it will cost more – it costs less, 3.Why do you read blogs on it – becuase then you find out what your options are for buying stuff – doh! and realise that there are like minded people and not everyone is a supermarket drone and your mindset can change
    I couldnt believe it on Superscrimpers last night they had a family who went to the supermarket 17 times in 4 days!!!! and in the past i could be guilty of multiple visits
    Keep it up!

    • Woooow 17 times in 4 days – what on earth were they buying eeekkkk! Great idea for a post we look forward to reading it :). We try really hard too not recycle ideas when thinking of posts but sometimes its hard. Thank you for reading

  4. Its amazing how easy it is to get ‘duped’ into thinking supermarkets are cheapest isn’t it? I guess we get brainwashed every time we go there by birghtly coloured banners etc. You’re an inspiration, I would never have thought to do the sums if it wasn’t for you! Well done for helping keep Britains independents and high street alive!

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