A recipe for a much hotter day than today!

The male member of Team Pugh LOVES milkshake! In particular banana milkshake and as yesterday he was working so hard to put up pictures the grown up female member of Team Pugh decided to make him……..??? Good guess – a banana milkshake!

banana 4

Now when we sat down to write tonight’s blog we realised that on such a freezing cold wet May day the last thing on our readers minds was probably a chilled drink! But it is really tasty and as it is May we decided to go ahead and…….. there is no reason you could not heat it up and have a hot milky banana shake!

banana 2Very simple really – take a vessel that allows for one’s blender to fit in and blend (or use a blender). Add as much milk as you require! Then add a fresh banana per person. Grind up a handful of dried banana (the more you add the more bananary it will be). You could do this just with the blender but Becksie likes using her pestle and mortar. Add the banana chip crumbs to the milk and banana. banana 5Add a scoop of ice cream per person and…….. Blend!

banana 3Serve and enjoy!


day 3 4Now all we need is some Sunshine!!

banana 1We had also planned to provide you with a little update about our newest recruits today but we haven’t taken any pictures of Tom, Dick and Harry as…… it’s so wet they are all sulking in the hen house. You will be pleased to know however that they are now friends with Barry and Kevin, are laying eggs like troopers, their cones are getting redder by the day and they are learning how to actually be chickens. Now all they also need is some summer sun!


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  1. Welcome new chickens!!! I must make a banana milkshake tonight, I’d forgotton about them, thanks for the reminder!!

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