Bank Holiday Activities

Its Bank Holiday time and Bank Holidays in Britain tend to mean one thing, barbeques!

Team Pugh BBQ Circa 2010 (remember the one Mary?)

Team Pugh BBQ Circa 2010 (remember the one Mary?)

Team Pugh are not really massive barbeque people, however Ian is certain that we do have 2 barbeques somewhere, but the last time they were lit was probably pushing 3 years ago. Now it has to be said that it is usually men who are uber keen on barbeques, as it generally gives them an excuse to play with fire and eat a lot of meat!

Whilst Ian is more than happy toattend a good barbeque for said lot of meat, throwing his own seems like some sort of punishment that should not befall a man on his day off, mostly because he; a) hates cooking, b) gets his fire fix in the winter (well and autumn and spring) evenings and c) really hates cooking.

bbq 3Another classic British Bank Holiday pastime is DIY.

Ian Loves DIY, and will happily spend hours carrying out all sorts of tasks, from demolition, construction and painting to plumbing, electrics and plastering. In fact before Lizzie came along and Ian was on a mission to complete the house before she arrived he spent every waking minute of his spare time either doing or planning some aspect or another of renovations. Nowadays of course he does not get anywhere near as much time to involve himself in such projects, and usually create a massive mess in the process (as Grandpa Pugh says “you can’t make an omelette without cracking eggs”).

Lizzie's bunting is now up

Lizzie’s bunting is now up

There however a few niggly jobs in the house that still need doing, most of which involve attaching things to walls.  There are a couple of DIY jobs that Ian loathes, one of which is sealing (sinks, baths, showers etc., which  by chance he has had to do twice recently) and the other is putting nails and screws into walls.

This phobia started in our very first home, a little flat where Ian first tested his DIY mettle, and was flummoxed by a shelf on an uneven wall that he could not get to attach properly at all, that was until Becksie took over and managed to not only attach the shelf but make Ian feel like a man failure (Ian did later spend over a year employed as the handyman whilst at university for the flats we lived in so that made him feel a bit better).

Now we have lovely neat (but still not straight) walls in our house Ian has been trying his best to avoid putting anything on them whatsoever, mostly because of his belief (from bitter experience) that putting nails or screws in walls will never, ever end well. This is why we have mirrors, pictures, clocks leaning up the walls they should be sitting on, much to Becksie’s annoyance. This weekend however Ian decided to ‘man-up’ and jolly well get his hammer, nails, drill, screws and wall plugs out and get on with the job of making the house look a little more finished………. And the results?

bbq 5No massive holes in walls, no wires hit or pipes burst, no wonky pictures and no broken drill bits. After months and months of procrastinating Ian has finally ticked a big job off his house snagging list, surely such a successful time has cured Ian’s wall hanging phobia? Unfortunately not, he insists that he ‘just got lucky’ and that as it went so well this time it could not possibly go so well next time. Dear oh  dear, let’s just hope we don’t acquire anything else that needs hanging any time soon, at least when Lizzie’s pictures can just be blu-tacked to the fridge.bbq 2



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  1. Glad it’s not just me that isn’t a massive barbecue person! Well done Ian on the DIY – looking good 😄.

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