Our mini adventure

A statue that reminded us of....... us!

A statue that reminded us of……. us!

Yesterday started something like this:

7.50am Ian wakes up (Becksie had been awake a while). Becksie and Ian discuss plans for the day. No plans just that Ian (desperately) needs a haircut so we’ll go into lovely lovely Faringdon! Becksie then chats to Mary on the phone and then goes back upstairs to a freshly awake Lizzie. Lizzie and Becksie go and jump on Ian who has gone back to sleep!

8.37am Becksie says to Ian and Lizzie ‘fancy going to London today?’. Ian and Lizzie agree and we decide to challenge ourselves to be in the car by……. 9.30am!

8.45am Becksie is in the kitchen making a picnic. Lizzie is in her highchair munching a ‘narrna’. Ian is in the shower! Picnic in progress and Ian is dressed and ready comes down and assists Lizzie with her Weetabix and munches some homemade (from the freezer) cinnamon and raisin toast.

adventure 59.00am post arrives – letters from both Sainsbury and Tesco with a million offers – what part of ‘we don’t shop in supermarkets’ don’t they get? Still we’re flattered they must be really desperate and slightly paranoid that they have not seen us for nearly 7 months!!!!

9.10am – picnic is made! Lizzie is in the bath helped by her glamourous and hairy assistant Ian, Becksie (the stinky family member took an executive decision to just have a wash) is getting dressed and at the same time also assisting Lizzie in the wardrobe department (dads and fashion don’t mix in this household)!

9.25am – Cats and chickens fed and watered. Car packed. Shoes on.

9.35am – Team Pugh are on the road! Who says we’re not organised? We are the champions of organised chaos!!!!!!

11.30am – arrive in London at our preferred central free on road parking space (we’d tell you but then you might park there ;)). Buggy loaded up. Lizzie on Ian’s shoulders, Becksie gives Lizzie her drink cup and ………adventure 13

11.40am – walking by the river and discussing whether it’s too early to eat the picnic?adventure 1212.00pm – ate picnic!

Our picnic was most enjoyable and from here we played on an adventure playground, walked by the river, saw lots of German football fans (more on this in a moment). We walked to Covent Garden pottered around a bit and of course purchased Lizzie a new water beaker! At this point we decided to get on the tube and head over to the science museum. We went down the steps to the underground and were confronted by a zillion German football fans! Talk about bad timing!

As they all seemed very friendly we decided to carry on our way and the next 20 minutes turned out to be hugely entertaining. We got on the tube and in our carriage were some extremely friendly Borussia Dortmund fans! Within a few minutes they had fallen for the charms of a certain small Team Pugh member. One of the fans was playing ‘give me 5’ with Lizzie in German and Lizzie was all of a sudden entertain the entire carriage of folk! That’s right every time Lizzie successfully got the mans hand everyone on the carriage cheered! It was a very lovely moment and after speculation that Lizzie might be an Arsenal fan like her dad we can safely say she is a Borussia Dortmund fan. As one of our new German buddies told us they are a good team and at school she will be very different from the crowd (who will all support Manchester United like Uncle Liam hehe)- as you can imagine we like this idea! So despite your loss Borussia Dortmund you have a new fan!

We arrived at the Science Museum and had a nice time. Lizzie really enjoyed the garden exhibition especially the giant lego.adventure 11

We left the science museum and started our epic walk back to the car via an amazing eatery just south of the Albert bridge.

London3 The Butcher and Grill is an awesome butcher / shop / restaurant and the food was VERY tasty. Well worth a visit.

adventure 4

adventure 9

adventure 2

Becksie's lamb burger

Becksie’s lamb burger

Ian's steak pie!

Ian’s steak pie!

adventure 7It was then back to the car with VERY tired legs and a drive home for a good night’s sleep. A most excellent day.