Lentil Lasagne and a tweet from Tesco

First things first, thank you for the great response we’ve had from yesterday’s post! We thought you’d all like to know we also tweeted it to Mr Tesco and he responded as follows:

lasagne 3

Tweet 1:

Please let me reassure you that we’d only consider opening a store, if we believed it would benefit the local community.

Tweet 2:

I will also pass on your concerns to the property development team for you 🙂 #HopethisHelps

As you will be aware our mission has never been an attack on supermarkets, and we appreciate the fact that Mr Tesco personally took time to reply to us (and he must be a very busy man what with his plan for world domination :)). We have not responded to these tweets but rather gave the best response we could think of, which was to go and visit several of our lovely local shops!

We know we have already done this weeks shopping but today Mammar Gray came over and was telling Becksie about how worried she was that she had for some vegetarians who were coming to stay for the weekend and she did not know what to cook. Mammar Gray, like Ian, finds cooking stressful, however unlike Ian she is actually pretty good at it. So, as a thank you for a bit of Lizzie-minding Becksie offered to help Mammar with tonight’s vegetarian dinner, and armed with some of Mammar’s money Becksie headed into Faringdon ‘city’ 😉 centre to get a few ingredients to make a tasty meat-free dish! And……. a batch of brownies for pudding for Mammar, her guests and of course Grandad Gray !lasagne 2

Purchases made and conversations had (a serious advantage to local shopping is getting to know your local shopkeepers), Becksie made her way home to start work on……(wait for it)…………a Lentil lasagne (perhaps the title of the post had already given that one away).

Becksie had picked up some cheese and cream (paid for by Mammar but…. they would have interestingly still been in budget), we had lasagne sheets in stock in the cupboard, veg in the fridge and all the other bits and bobs required, and in no time 2 lentil lasagnes had been whipped up, 1 for Mammar to take home with her and 1 for Ian, Becksie and Lizzie to enjoy for tea.

Ian rolled in home from work (complete with a boot full of firewood which he was very pleased with), Becksie retold the story of Mammar’s food frets and the lentil lasagnes, and must have noticed Ian’s heart sink a bit before adding “I’ve topped ours with bacon” – big relief all round!lasagne 1

And…………………..the end result was very good, served with a little spinach and bread, a good hearty meal to warm our cockles on a very wet and chilly May evening, so wet and chilly in fact that we are writing this sat by the fire, we had hoped it would by now be warm enough to sit out in the evenings!

We hope you enjoy a lovely bank holiday weekend, whatever you all get up to!


21 thoughts on “Lentil Lasagne and a tweet from Tesco

  1. Yay…good old lentils!….sorry I missed out on the Tesco excitement yesterday and only just caught up….(great letter)hope all your Locals will remember the great shops they already have and support them , it is so sad when High Streets die because a Supermarket moves in to a small town…keep up the good fight TeamPugh for #shoplocal x ps Barbara/Tom badge has arrived thankyou very much!

    • So glad your chick badge got to you safely 🙂 Barbara / Tom is doing well and laying like a trooper (or something like that). Lentils are the new black hehe

  2. Excellent! Detailed recipes for both would be very much appreciated! We are reducing our meat based meals for physical and financial health and this sounds very comforting foods on these still blustery evenings. 🙂

    • Brownie recipe is here and we will promise to blog lentil lasagne very soon. Becksie ate some the other day and this attempt was to make the recipe up then…….. next time we have it (which will be soon it was tasty) we shall blog it 🙂 Promise

  3. MMmmm, seconded, recipies would be lovely. We’re reducing our meat based meals too and comfort foods are very necessary in this chilly spring. Love the response to Tesco, it is a shame when proper local shops die like they have here in Cirencester

    • sad times indeed 😦 Lasagne recipe coming very soon – this was Becksie’s make the recipe up attempt – will make it again and photograph to blog very very soon

  4. Maybe you could organise a Shop In (Shop Out?) for when Tesco opens. Get as many people as possible to come to Faringdon to use the local shops.
    It’s not sustainable business, but it might help the independent shopkeepers at least during the inevitable dip when people go to the supermarket out of curiosity. (Hoping of course that they then see sense and return to the lovely high street shops…)

    • Will be coming to a blog near you soon, but I have to be careful how often I cook lentils as they are not Ian and Lizzie’s favourites hehe.

  5. It’s a bit hypocritical of Mr Tesco to say that he’d only ‘consider opening a store if he believed it would be of benefit to the local community’!! It sounds like Faringdon isn’t in need of a Tesco (or any other big supermarket) which could potentially suck the life out of the town centre! I like Hazel’s idea of a shop in! I hear you are coming to the lovely town of Devizes soon – I hope you enjoy your visit, I might even get to see you both! xx

  6. The thing that annoys me is when people assume I shop at Tesco, asking things like “what do you use your club card vouchers for?” or “use your club card vouchers for so and so”. I don’t have a single club card voucher anymore and do not intend to get one! Ever! x

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