A letter to the new Faringdon Tesco

The lovely town of Faringdon is as we type having its very own Tesco’s built. As you might expect we won’t be seen wandering down its aisles so we’ve decided to write to it and set out our stall to avoid any future confusion. We probably won’t send the letter (can you even send a letter to an unfinished building?) but here are our thoughts:

Faringdon market place…….. not taken today but…… at one point today it was hailing!!

Dear Mr. New Faringdon Tesco

We notice building work seems to be progressing well and may we say very quickly. As you may or may not know we have been doing a bit of a family challenge and on the 5th of November 2012 gave up shopping in supermarkets for a whole year. We are over half way through and it is going swimmingly. We are pleased to report that it is going so well in fact and has changed our lives so much for the better that we see no need to return to supermarket shopping after our year is up. As you will be our newest, shiniest and nearest supermarket we thought whilst you were still in the building phase we would drop you a quick line to set out our stall (apologies we couldn’t resist this market pun) so there is no confusion further down the line.

We want you to know that this letter comes with no hard feelings and is most certainly not a hate campaign against you just an expression of why your services will always be unnecessary to our little family. We accept that for many of our fellow residents you will be convenient and will also provide some employment opportunities but you see we simply don’t need you.

tesco 2

This may shock you as your store will probably stock most of the things that we could ever need but you see here in Faringdon we already have a fabulous bakery, a fantastic butcher, a delightful cheese shop, a small but perfectly formed weekly market, an incredible deli, a pet shop, coffee shops, a couple of delightful little gift shops, a shop with haberdashery items for sales, a newsagent and the really useful shop that stocks well….. really useful things. These shops are all really great and need our custom in order for the business owners to continue to make a living. You guys on the other hand are doing pretty well and are able to survive. So……… we guess what we’re saying is if we don’t use you you’ll be ok but if we don’t use the other shops we mentioned they might not be so ok.


tesco 1We know that technically from the 5th November 2013 we would be allowed to pop in to see you but just to be clear we won’t be doing so as we are choosing to put our money into the lovely existing shops about this small but great town.

All the best for the future and like we said no hard feelings just a request that as the new guy in town you tread carefully and sensitively as you go about your business.

Yours Sincerely

Team Pugh



31 thoughts on “A letter to the new Faringdon Tesco

  1. I agree that you should post it. A Tesco store doesn’t seem to be in keeping with such a pretty market town. I hope it is well hidden. Lin

  2. Lets hope the local people make use of your lovely new shiny car park Mr Tesco and take great pleasure in walking on into all the beautiful shops in Faringdon town and spending all their hard earned shopping money with the wonderful shop keepers to ensure that not only do they survive but see their businesses grow. Don’t think that you are creating jobs for if the local people neglect to shop in the town ,jobs and businesses will disappear forever .

  3. The one that opened near us in a very nice little shopping parade killed off two butchers, a fishmongers, a bakers and a couple of gift shops but the independent supermarket survives mainly due to good offers and those little extras they give like good service and free delivery. Tesco are a bit like a plague and I won’t use them.

  4. I like the idea of a letter to the Oxford Mail. No matter what they say, one of the big ‘big 4’ opening always spells trouble for local business as people are either too busy/lazy to use the proper shops and then moan when they’re forced out of business.

  5. They do seem to be spreading like a disease. There is a huge new Tesco and an equally large Sainsburys just opened up here in Sunderland, bringing our total to 6 supermarkets, not counting the numerous smaller Tesco/sainsburys/whatever “locals” and an assortment of lidls and aldis. Clearly a city as small Sunderland needs that many supermarkets, especially given that its local food business’s are already pretty thin on the ground. Probably due to the number of supermarkets…

    • You don’t have to agree with what the Pugh Family are doing or how they feel about certain things! Unkind comments are not helpful or appreciated so it’s probably best you don’t read anymore and leave them alone.

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