It’s Shopping Time

shopping time 10So today was shopping day. We decide to go to places that fitted  in with our day and also for Becksie to get some bits and Ian to get the other bits in his lunch hour.

shopping time 4

Becksie and young Lizzie were put in charge of the fruit and vegetables, meat and bits and bobs and Ian was allocated cheese and nuts! Becksie and Lizzie went to Carterton on their way to Witney to try out a greengrocers that several lovely folk have recommended. They were not disappointed and even managed to buy some tinned tomatoes at a very reasonable rate.

shopping time 3

It was then on to Witney to Sing and Sign and a trip to the butchers. A huge bag of bacon scraps, some lamb mince, some red onion and pork sausages, dripping and ………. Some specially made right in front of our very eyes lamb and mint burgers!

shopping time 7

This afternoon was sunny so a little stroll into Faringdon and a treat of some bakery bread and some bargain yesterday’s baps for the freezer! Then some cheapo butter (we have some homemade butter in the freezer and still some from last week for eating, this is for a planned bake – ooooo) and a snack treat of crisps!

shopping time 6

Ian came home with his haul of cheese and this added to the baby blue we got at the country show on Sunday and we are cheesed to the max. Ian also purchased nuts (not as many nuts as ordered but oh well).

shopping time 2

shopping time 1

Also purchased at the country show was this very expensive item that we plan to turn into our own pork scratching very soon!

shopping time 8

Total shopping bill £43.29p! Not bad at all!

shopping time 12

Lamb and mint burgers were consumed for dinner and they were AMAZING which put Team Pugh in a very good mood and then……… we found out that we have made it through to the finals of the Brilliance in Blogging Awards! WOOOOWWWIIEEE we are so excited. May we take this opportunity to say a HUGE, MASSIVE thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for us – this really means a lot and we are very humbled to have got through to the final 6 in the Inspire category. WOW!


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  1. Excellent stuff.
    In other news, our first chickens arrived. We have 4 young Cream Legbars named Hetty, Edith, Kiev and Dhansak. They’re too young to live outside yet, so currently live in the boot room but they do have little adventures into a little run I knocked up.

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