Kitchen mojo lost!

Becksie loves cooking – fact!

Becksie cooking in the early days

Becksie cooking in the early days

Ian, Becksie and Lizzie love eating – fact!mojo 3mojo 7mojo 4

But just lately Becksie feels a little bit like she has lost her kitchen mojo! Now this, Becksie thinks can be linked to feeling tired, having a few kitchen knock backs and the dis-organisation that clearing the ingredients cupboard for live below the line has caused! Add to this tough realisations that Becksie is not the gardener, sewer or knitter she’d really like to be creativity is at an all time low!mojo 5

What to do? Well the answer is get organised in the cupboard department, achieve something small in sewing, knitting and gardening and spend sometime reading recipe books! Or maybe not worry for a while and simply watch a film or read a book! Maybe another holiday (we wish)! Nah a holiday is out of the question and Becksie gets ants her pants when it comes to most films. So…………. Recipe books and small targets it is.

So over the next few days Becksie will

A) do five rows of knitting

B) sew a dress a girl around the world dress

C) tidy up the ingredients cupboards

D) plant something that will grow food (and look after it)

E) cook a few new recipes

So ………..

mojo 1Tonight’s dinner was – pan fried venison in a juniper and port sauce (easy peasy one garlic clove, some juniper berries, salt, pepper, blackberry vinegar, chili oil and liberal glug glug glug of port). Served with fresh peas, cabbage,whole carrots and sweet potato and potato mash! Yummy – this is not just any old food this is a year without supermarkets food!mojo 2

Right then on with the sorting, knitting, sewing and planting!


6 thoughts on “Kitchen mojo lost!

  1. Dinner looks amazing Becksie, you are such a clever girl in the kitchen and look at all the things you are achieving with Dress a Girl, Chick Rescue, being a wonderful mummy and generally being a great inspiration to many! I should take a well deserved day off before you start on your list!

    • Thank you – it was really tasty (you know the type of dinner you think ‘I wish I’d made double’ 🙂 Am now sat down with a cup of tea xx

  2. Don’t be so hard on yourself!! When Daisy’s Mummy was small I wasn’t nearly as organised or committed as you are so pat yourself on the back and DLTBGYD!!

  3. I agree with the comments above, give yourself a break Becksie! We are all better at some things than others and cant all be brilliant at everything (imagine how exhausting that would be!), just look at what Team Pugh has acheived over the last year for starters, this wonderful blog, a beautiful daughter, meeting lots of new people and getting your message across, I get tired just reading about what youve been up to!
    Also, if you want to try growing some veg, Id recommend starting with something like radishes and/or lettuce. Both grow quite quick, are lovely straight from the garden and are very economical to grow.
    Oh, and btw my name a chicken badge arrived today and gave me a much needed smile after a cr*ppy day @ work.
    Go Team Pugh!!!!!!

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