Sweetcorn Fritters

Tonight’s dinner was homemade bread, vegetable soup and a tasty treat Becksie has been meaning to make for a while…… sweetcorn fritters. These little fritters are uber tasty, uber easy and made a soup and bread dinner a little more filling.

sweetcorn 7Oh and did we mention they are incredibly easy……………………………

sweetcorn 4First thing one needs to do is make a thickish batter – this is done by mixing plain flour, an egg, some milk and salt and pepper and a pinch of baking powder. You want it to be the consistency of really think paint. Becksie just guessed so we can’t give exact amounts (note to self if you plan to blog a recipe – weigh one’s guesstimates) but we’d guess at 100grams of flour, 100mls milk, one egg, salt and pepper to taste and a pinch pf baking powder.

sweetcorn 3

Drain a large tin of sweetcorn

sweetcorn 2

Add the sweetcorn to the batter and mix it up

sweetcorn 1

By this stage your fritters should look a little like this.

Heat a pan of oil (a few centimeters deep)

sweetcorn 8

Drop spoon fulls of the mixture into the hot oil and fry until golden on both sides

sweetcorn 6

Place on some kitchen roll (unless you are Team Pugh then loo roll steps into the breach – CLEAN – UNUSED loo roll that is) – pat off the extra oil and serve immediately.



13 thoughts on “Sweetcorn Fritters

  1. My mother in law used to make sweetcorn fritters for the children- must make them again 🙂 They’re nice with a bit of chilli or cayenne in.

    My mum would ‘fritter’ anything as a child- corned beef, Spam (! It was the 70’s), sweetcorn, pineapple rings…

  2. Must try these. Love spam dipped in batter ( thanks for reminding me, Hazel). Ate a lot way before the 70’s!!

  3. When I was a student our usual ‘pudding’ was a plate of banana fritters (otherwise known as ‘monkey sick patties’) – add mashed banana and a bit of cinnamon to the batter – yummy!

    • WOOOOOOWWWW LOVING this idea – Ian will be more than up for this 🙂 We once tried to do marsbar fritters as students – filled our tiny flat with smoke – ooooppps

  4. Most Kiwi cooks have made something similar out to the ‘bible’ of Kiwi cookbooks – (The Edmonds cookbook – Edmonds being a brand of baking powder), called ‘mock whitebait patties’, using grated cheese and potato instead of the sweetcorn. The grated potato looks a bit like whitebait and these are very yummy. :o)

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