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garden 1Those of you with good memories may recall that a few months ago we wrote that we had discovered that our garden had once been award-winning, and that we felt guilty that we did not still have it in an award-winning state.

So ……….today we finally made a start on the garden (and yes we know we should have started this months ago, but life seems to have gotten in the way)!

garden 3

This was at the country show – this is not our garden / tractor!!

After a jolly nice morning out at a country show we returned home mid afternoon, set Lizzie down for a nap and debated what we would do for the next 2 hours whilst she slept, relax? clean? try to finish the utility room? the garden?

Despite nearly every part of both Becksie and Ian wanting to just relax, sit on the sofa, watch a film, do nothing strenuous whatsoever, neither of us could quite allow ourselves to do that, we both feel guilty if we are not achieving something! So having put it off and put it off we finally ventured outdoors……..

Ian quickly pruned a rose bush that pokes him in the head most mornings and evenings on the way to the chickens, Becksie dug out some nettles, Ian then found a fence that needed fixing, and a gate to the chickens that needed fixing before sitting down and admitting that he really does not enjoy gardening, a sentiment very much echoed by Becksie! We did phone Grandad Gray for gardening advice but he pointed out that gardening is hard work and to have a nice pretty (and productive) garden you actually have to get on and do it.garden 4

But not to give up we cracked on, we dug, we pruned, we weeded, we even hedge-cuttered (we don’t even have a hedge ;)) we hoed, we raked, we swept and …………… we still have some way to go, but the place has started to look a little better, not so overgrown, not so full of weeds and a little more manageable.garden 2

After a good hour and a half’s work we nipped up to get Lizzie up and sat and played in the garden for a little while, sorting Lizzie’s favourite pot of stones, climbing up and down the steps and playing peekaboo behind the shrubs, which definitely made the hard work feel worthwhile!!

Lizzie and her stones (confession - this was not actually taken today - hence the cardigan!)

Lizzie and her stones (confession – this was not actually taken today – hence the cardigan!)


2 thoughts on “Our Garden

  1. Well done Ian and Becksie…but if you are not keen gardeners then I would recommend that you make it as maintenance free as possible
    ie decking, gravel, bark, raised beds and tubs to grow things in….try some runner beans in tubs with canes….maybe once you eat your own home grown it will spark an interest in gardening anyway!…I have to say that due to circumstances I have had to make my garden as easy as possible now and I am surprised that I am growing loads more herbs and veg now in tubs etc than I ever did when I was constantly mowing lawns and pruning shrubs!

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