The rescue hens waiting to be given to their new owners

The rescue hens waiting to be given to their new owners

At 1.30pm today we went on our way to collect our new girls! We were very excited and loaded the cage in the car. As we drove we discussed all of your fabulous name choices and are now about to announce the winners! The place was buzzing with other excited chicken picker uppers and the hens looked a very sad state. When we got to the front of the queue the lady in front was saying that she didn’t feel she could take one of the chickens as she only has one eye (the chicken not the lady) and she was concerned her existing chickens might pick on the one eyed chicken. Yes you guessed it Team Pugh were immediately desperate to have this special girl.

As we mentioned yesterday Jenny and Daisy have chosen one of the girls names and we are delighted to say that one eyed chicken is called Flo! Welcome Flo and thank you for the name choice!



So……. Chicken number two…….. drum roll please………………………………….. is called Sharon! Thank you Emma Carter who said ‘Please please please call one Sharon…….my partner is called Kevin, and his younger twin brother and sister are called Barry and Sharon!!!’. And also thank you to our lovely friend Mary who also suggested Sharon (well a nearly Sharon).



And chicken number three……… Barbara thank you to cookaholic Kate who said ‘Barbara ….from the Good Life….as that is what you are living now!’



Most excellent!

BUT……………………………… we also have another winner……..Kiwijo! Who said something that gave us a cunning plan! ‘I reckon Tom, Dick and Harry. Need I say more’.

You guessed it Flo, Sharon and Barbara will also have aka boys names. So…………

new hens 5

Aka – Tom, Dick and Harry

Barbara aka Tom (get it ‘The Good Life’ – Tom and Barbara)

Sharon aka Dick

Flo aka Harry new hens 6

new hens 7And we’ve even had our first egg – Amazing. new hens 10

If you fancy getting chickens we can highly recommend giving rescue hens a go and details of how can be found here. new hens 2A huge thank you for all the name suggestions and if you are one of the successful name selectors and would like to claim your badge please email us with your address (don’t worry Jenny and Mary yours are on the way).new hens 8


13 thoughts on “Introducing………….

  1. Yay – I never win anything, what a nice thing to wake up to. :o)
    A big warm welcome to Barbara-Tom, Sharon-Dick and Flo-Harry, long may they enjoy their new home.

  2. Fab you got the one-eyed girl. Good for you 😄. I had a funny dream about the three of you last night. It was like a tv show and everyone was cheering and clapping you really loudly. Then Ian proceeded to eat a huge plate of food but Becksie only had an onion! And I don’t know about Lizzie! How very weird!

  3. I once got asked to knit a jacket for a featherless rescue chicken until her feathers regrew. There’s a picture of it on my Pinterest ‘odd things I have knitted’ board. If you need one let me know, although yours look pretty healthy. Good luck with them.

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