New Team Members

Paul 1

Paul gone but not forgotten

Tomorrow is a VERY exciting day………..

Becksie with one of our original battery hens

Becksie with one of our original battery hens

Tomorrow Barry and Kevin get some new friends! That’s right folks we are off tomorrow to a British Hen Welfare Trust rehousing day and we shall return with THREE new Team Pugh members!

This is how sad the chickens look when you first get them

This is how sad the chickens look when you first get them

We are very very excited and must spend time tomorrow making sure Barry and Kevin have done the housework so that the new girls feel very welcome! Now Becksie has promised that Jenny and Daisy (who recently chicken sat when we went on holiday) can name one of the girls and indeed have a supply of her eggs. So you guessed it we thought as we have a lovely bunch of folk who read our little blog you could also do us a favour and name the other two chickens.

chicken 1If you have a good name please leave us a comment and we shall announce tomorrow what we have chosen. Remember we love to name our pets with human names and just because the chickens are girls does not mean they have to have girls names!

We can’t promise you will get to eat their eggs unless you know us but we will send you a ‘I named a Team Pugh Chicken’ badge (sadly it doesn’t get you into any attractions for free except you local market). Yes Jenny you will get a ‘I named a Team Pugh Chicken’ badge!!

Oh and one more thing……….. for those of you who are interested Becksie’s knitting now looks like this! In the words of Grandpa Pugh it’s going ‘slowly’!

chicken 4


19 thoughts on “New Team Members

  1. My name for one of the chickens is Esmerelda. (Or Emmie for short she’ll need a shorter name for Lizzie to be able to shout her.)
    I think the problem with your knitting Becksie is that you don’t really like knitting,have to say I knit and sew but have always preferred sewing cos it was finished quicker, set yourself a target for each evening, say 6 or 8 or even 10 rows, that way it will grow every day but won’t be too boring.(have to say continuous plain knit seems boring to me,things with a pattern might seem harder – promise you they’re not really – but they keep your attention better. Keep going it will be finished soon and you’ll be so proud!!

  2. Congratulations on your new arrivals! How about Fred and Ted, Tubs and Edward or Sid and Eddie xx

  3. Aw how sweet!!! I quite agree with Esmerelda or Emmie for short, I’m not good at names. I used to love knitting but my weak hands won’t hold the needles for long enough now. Maybe you’d prefer it if you did a pattern? I used to love heritage British knitting, Fair Isle and Aran & couldn’t wait to see the pattern grow! Aran grows quickly and is soooo cosy for winter!

  4. Please please please call one Sharon…….my partner is called Kevin, and his younger twin brother and sister are called Barry and Sharon!!! 🙂

  5. I think you should call one Prudence! We had a cat called Prudence when I was growing up. She really did have 9 lives and after several close shaves lived to the grand old age of 22! One time when she got run over and her leg was smashed, it was splinted and put in a pink plaster and from then on she was known as Prudence Pink Leg!

  6. Oh how exciting …How about Tom or Barbara ….from the Good Life….as that is what you are living now! Your knitting is coming on very nicely … don’t give up!

  7. Matilda! Or Matty for short. I’m sooooo jealous as I would so love chickens! One day when I retire!

  8. Trevor and Martin. I know four brothers called Trevor, Barry, Paul and Martin… (I know Paul not Kevin died, but I don’t know any brothers called Barry and Kevin 😉 )

    Or (I have a penchant for old ladies names) Ivy and Doris.

    Have fun tomorrow!

  9. Derek & Clive.
    They’ll start off as trouble, but you’ll grow to love them.

    Incidentally have 4 little cream legbars arriving tomorrow from one a Sarah’s friend’s children’s collection.
    Can’t wait 🙂

  10. I think you should call one Freddie after Freddie mercury and his famous queen song save me!
    Your knitting is going better than mine Becksie I have holes I’m pretending they are in the pattern but they are so not have pulled it out and started again 4 times and at the mo it is just shoved in a bag. My daughters are coming up 3 and 4 this yr might be finished for their children, probably, possibly, guess not!

  11. Bonnie (after Bonnie Tyler as our Eurovision entry tonight – supporting all things British of course!). Or, my personal favourite, Prince Philip. You have Queen Lizzie and she could have her very own prince 😄

  12. I reckon Tom, Dick and Harry. Need I say more. Also with regard to Clares comment, when I was young, My mum had two Bantams she called Chicken Licken and Henney Penny, so that comment really made me smile. :o)

  13. well i like the names eric lucky and gorden or go with femine ones like chuck chick and henny

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