A Shop of Three Halves

shop 1

Shopping part 1 and 2

This weeks shopping has been a tale of three halves (you know what we mean)! Firstly we really needed a few bits and pieces that are harder to come by at the market so we did a quick stop by our lovely local community shop the other day. We then visited The Really Useful Shop in Faringdon for loo roll and some loo cleaner (we’ve been using alternatives cleaners for a while but are planing a spring clean at the weekend so thought we’d treat ourselves to the real mccoy – please don’t judge us ;)).

shop 4

The lovely fish people

Today it was over to Witney to visit the really great fruit and vegetable stall, butcher and……… there was a new fish fellow in town (well new to us as we are not normally Thursday Witney market shoppers)! Whilst at said fish stall we picked ourselves up a something new to try, some Cod cheeks! Now we know that cod is not the most sustainable fish and we regularly buy other fish for this reason, but cod cheeks do at least mean as much of the fish once caught gets used. Now we had not tried theses before, so after getting a bit of advice from the stallholder we went on our merry way to pick up the rest of our delights!

In the butchers, but  definitely fake!

In the butchers, but definitely fake!

We picked up some lovely minced pork in the butchers which we watched them mince, so we know there is no horse in it! We realised that for the past few weeks we have been getting a whole bird (chicken, pheasant etc) and making it last the week, and whilst we love doing this and it works out very economically we (well Becksie) felt a little in a cooking rut, so something different this week!shop 3

All shopping done and £3.14 change for the week, not too bad at all and we have a fridge full of lovely lovely food!

shop 2

So for tea tonight we had our cod cheeks and they were very very good. Becksie coated them in a little flour and shallow fried them and they were really tender and tasty, so tasty in fact that we failed to take any pictures of them as we snaffle them all down – oops – you will just have to use your imaginations with that one!


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  1. You did very well with your shopping budget and as others have said, what a fab haul of fruit and veg?! Can I just ask, will you have any other meat or fish in your dinners this week? Or will it be veggie meals for the rest of the week? I’m just wondering how you stick to your budget as meat is so expensive.

    Great blog though, I love reading it!

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