Today’s post is very simply a set of statements, observations we have made:

Our lovely cat Lala who died in 2011 - a wise old girl

Our lovely cat Lala who died in 2011 – a wise old girl

Sometimes accidental damage happens in your home

Thank you Jessica! Yes a cat did this! She knocked something over which fell down the step and......

Thank you Jessica! Yes a cat did this! She knocked something over which fell down the step and……
Ps – we can see that step is #filthy oooops

obs 3

Approximately 7 minutes after the floor was cleaned

There is probably no point in cleaning the kitchen floor

Cats make a mess and get fur EVERYWHERE

Toys prefer to be on the floor than in the vessel they have been allocated as a homeobs 10

Sometimes you forget your wallet

Sometimes people have to work lateobs 4

Knitting takes an age

It is very difficult to keep up with one’s inbox

Sometimes it rains and you can’t dry the washing outside

Things disappear in ‘junk’ drawers

Sometimes even vegetable lovers don’t want vegetables for tea but simply want beans, chips, egg and baconobs 1


Accidental damage often spurs change and a chance to refresh things (new carpet on the steps perhaps?)

At least we have a kitchen floor to clean

obs 8

The step breaker as a baby

Cats are fluffy, soft and make good pillows

Toys bring great pleasure to both their small owners and those in charge of their small ownersfreeness 5

Your friends will sub you and trust you enough to know you won’t skip the country (or…… will you?)obs 6

At least there is a job to go to

Knitted items are lovely

Cardy made by Margret

Cardy made by Margret

One often gets really lovely emails

obs 5

Ian and Becksie circa 2009

When it rains you can use a colourful umbrella and have a ton of fun – washing does dry inside

Sometimes you find a surprisingly good thing is your junk drawer

Beans count as one of your five a day!


12 thoughts on “Observations!

  1. Hahaha I trust you!! You can buy lunch on Friday or I might ‘forget’ my wallet to 😉 good observations tho and naughty Jessica! Xx

  2. i have just found your blog and love it, can’t wait to catch up on reading it, i have been trying to avoid my local tesco and shop local for about a month now, i much prefer it! although i cheat with the coop!

  3. Lovely post, reminds me of a poem that I like about choosing to moan about what you havent go or choosing to be thankful for what you have.
    Have a great day team pugh. :o)

  4. You are getting very philosophical in your young age! Loved ‘The Water’ video. Yesterday I had to make a return visit to the dentist after toothache from a previous visit, 4 weeks of baby food/puree. I was dreading it, however it was not as bad as anticipated! Lept out of the chair with relief. Still singing today. Joys and sorrows mixed up, thats life.

  5. I’ve just eaten fried egg and baked beans for lunch, with a great big dollop of ketchup. And it was LOVELY!!

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