Red Velvet Black Forest

black forest 2Sometimes the best food is found completely by accident! It’s a weird fact of life! This happened to Becksie just the other day! To cut a long story short it was Becksie’s turn to bake for Folly Dollies! Sparkle cakes for our Folly Dolly Fizzers evening – bathbomb making with Lush! Yikes the pressure was immense! Add to the pressure a poorly sick Lizzie who would not, repeat would not be alone with out screaming and a need to write a speech fit for a president to deliver and Team Pugh HQ was stress central.

black forest 3

Making bath bombs with Lush!

So Becksie decided to make the red velvet cakes she made on her WI baking day. Cakes came out really well but…….. Becksie had stupidly forgotten to use the big cake cases. So….. when she came to ice them it didn’t really work out well and they weren’t as beautiful as she had in her mind they should be. So she then decided to cut the cakes into smaller star shapes and make them bitesize. This meant leftover cake which Becksie put in a bowl to eat later as there was no reason to waste these bits of cake. It was at this point Becksie dropped the bowl of icing! GRRRRR! So icing disaster cleaned up. Becksie went to make more and found she didn’t have the right ingredients to make more, she couldn’t walk into Faringdon as by this point Lizzie had finally gone to sleep. So Becksie called Granny Gray and asked her to bring icing sugar with her. She then thought its worth a try with normal sugar but…… the icing wasn’t right. So she put the icing on top of the spare cake and put it in the fridge.

Cakes still not sorted so it was over to our friend Margret (who was coming for tea) to save the day and help decorate the cakes and a frantic call to our lovely friend Vicki to bring some sparkle to the meeting (these cakes were a real mission – moral of this story……….never try to bake whilst looking after a poorly small person). Cakes sorted, baby better, speech written and performed it was the following day at pudding that Becksie got the cake reject  out of the fridge.

Becksie and Ian  took a bite each and discovered that the cake rejects were in fact the star of the show! The cake had gone like a gooey gateau and the icing had gone really smooth and super tasty! The next part of the story involves Becksie and Ian deciding to not eat the delicious mess and save it for pudding the following day when Granny and Grandpa Pugh were coming for some 1st Birthday eve celebrations.

The basin was presented (half eaten) to our dinner guests and a candle was placed in the top for Lizzie to blow out. We served the cake mess with homemade ice cream and strawberries and it tasted even better than the day before!black forest 1

It was at this moment that a genius idea struck Becksie – what if………..she made the red velevet cake recipe (well half) then…….. made some of the buttercream icing then made a cake, fresh cream, black forest fruit sauce layer event. Topped it with cream and grated chocolate and called it a black velvet forest gateaux!

We can’t wait to go shopping and buy some cream and give this a go!


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  1. Oh what a day Becksie , but it turned out ok in the end, sometimes it’s good when you mess up a recipe and discover another delight…
    Keep Calm and Carry on Cooking x

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