One year ago today……

nearly one 6One year ago today at 7am Becksie’s waters broke!

One year ago today Ian went into a panic and put on his yellow socks (he didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl).

One year ago today he also packed his flip flops.nearly one 3

One year ago today Becksie stood in the shower at 7.25am having mild contractions and thought to herself this isn’t that painful.

One year ago today at 11am Becksie knew childbirth was going to hurt A LOT!

One year ago today Becksie was given frankincense to smell to slow her breathing.

nearly one 5One year ago today Becksie ate only 3 wotsits and drank a can of Dr Pepper all day.

One year ago today Becksie kept looking at the clock thinking my baby will be born any minute.

One year ago today we still didn’t know if Lizzie was a Lizzie or a William!

One year ago today Becksie said to her midwife Anne ‘Anne I think I’m going to die’.

One year ago today Anne reassured Becksie she was just entering the transition stage of labour and was NOT going to die.

One year ago today on entering the transition stage of labour Becksie remembers thinking she wanted to be alone under the tree in the field behind our house and not in pain.

nearly one 4

Today has been Lizzie’s 1st birthday eve.

Today Becksie wrote Lizzie a letter to open when she gets to 21.nearly one 2

Today Becksie finally found the words to write down a detailed account of Lizzie’s birth.

Today we prepare to wish our little girl a VERY HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY.

Today at around the same time that last year Becksie wished she was under the tree Lizzie and Becksie sat under the tree and it was lovely. nearly one 1


25 thoughts on “One year ago today……

  1. Aww this is a fab post…hope you have a lovely day tomorrow remembering and enjoying every moment! Enjoy all your pressies Lizzie…Daisy hopes you like the ones we got you (especially the noisy one) xx

  2. My son is coming up to his first birthday in July. What a phenomenal amount changes in your lives and theirs in such a tiny period of time. Congratulations on a wonderfully successful first year.

  3. Happy 1st birthday Lizzie. You have an amazing mummy and daddy. Enjoy your day and I hope you are spoilt rotten xxxx

  4. Lovely pic under your tree. Amazing how Lizzie has grown in one year. Whilst you two have done six months of blog and all that entails you have spent so much time shaping her little character. You Pugs are amazing, well done.

  5. I’m writing this on the 11th – so happy Birthday Lizzie! On the 10th of May 9 years ago I too was in labour – and had a throughly tranquil experience – in welcoming my Izzy into the world! And as my friend wrote about my sons (17th) Birthday last week ‘Well done’ to Becksie Mummy is so often forgotten on their child’s birthday !!

  6. Hope you’ve all enjoyed this special day! Happy 1st Birthday Lizzie and here’s to a great second year 😄! x

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