The real McCoy

yeast 1The other day Becksie was tweeting with her lovely cousin Josh on the subject of bread! Now Josh posed a question that Becksie answered immediately and then a few hours later thought more deeply about!

The question was do you use quick yeast (dry) or real (fresh) yeast? Becksie answer was quick yeast! It was only when Becksie started to think about it that she was a little sad to realise the reason why she gave this answer! Becksie has always used quick yeast as that’s what was available at the supermarket. When we went supermarket free we sought out alternative sources of the same product. Now quick (dried) yeast is a great ‘product’ and we have nothing against it. Indeed until Josh’s question it was what Becksie thought was best. Extra thought however showed that this is indeed a product and really we should give real (fresh)yeast a try.

Now Faringdon has a lovely bakery (which incidentally does sell quick yeast so…… it must be good) and a quick enquiry revealed that one can also purchase ‘real’ yeast! Wow! You’ve guessed right that exactly what we’ve done. And can you believe it its only 15p per ounce! Now the yeast wasn’t at the shop on the day of the enquiry so Becksie had to order her yeast in and she was so excited to pick it up yesterday!

yeast 3

Lil the lovely bakery lady also offered guidance on using it to make the perfect loaf! So Becksie tried it and……………. the results were fabulous!

well risen and ready (after a few slashes in the top) to be baked!

well risen and ready (after a few slashes in the top) to be baked!

You guessed it from now on we shall be buying ‘real’ yeast from Lil and if your reading this Josh……. Becksie’s answer has changed ‘real’ yeast it is for Team Pugh!yeast 2

In other news yesterday Grandad Gray brought Becksie a bunch of flowers he’d grown in his garden, they are simply beautiful so we thought we’d share them with you to brighten your day.  yeast 11

yeast 10yeast 9yeast 8yeast 7yeast 6Must dash we have a fresh loaf to munch on! yeast 5


14 thoughts on “The real McCoy

  1. ooh! Becksie that looks wonderful, I love the smell of bread baking in my bread machine and never buy bread, but I do have to confess that the last one I attempted with human effort was like a brick!…Determined to give it another go though….can I have the recipe please!

  2. Great post!
    Random comment-don’t let the cats near the lilies-it can kill them. Sorry to be such a kill joy

    • thanks for the heads up but these are arum lilies which don’t contain the toxin that harms cats. one of our friends had a cat who died from lily poisoning, so we are uber careful 😦

  3. Lovely looking Bread Becksie! Afraid I make mine in a bread maker as I can’t knead any more. I do like fresh bread though much better than “plant” mass produced stuff. And the end crust! Yummy! How long can you last before having to eat it!!

  4. where did you get your freash yeast from cos it is years since i’ve been able to get any please advise

    • Patricia, you can sometimes get it in whole food stores if you haven’t got a local baker who can supply it.The sort of place that sells oats and dried fruits from bins.if that’s any help.

  5. I wonder if Josh posed the question as Nana only used fresh yeast……so she would definitely say that fresh is best……

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