Sunday Shoppers

So as we mentioned on Saturday we were very excited on Sunday to head off for a ‘proper’ shop following our live below the line experience.

shopping 4We had a few errands to run in nearby Swindon, and having never been to the Sunday Farmers’ Market held there we thought we would give it a try!

We had heard that this market was a good one and so we were quiet excited to finally give it a go, and having got there (and coped with a rather ‘interesting’ nappy in the back of the car) we were……..underwhelmed. Oh dear! There were only a few stalls and not too much choice.

shopping 6Having scoured the 8 stalls we picked up a few veg that looked nice and some excellent whole milk, made with Guernsey cow milk and almost as thick as cream, it really is delicious! We finished off our errands, looked at each other and realised that a) we did not have enough food for the week and b) we needed a plan!

shopping 5Becksie remembered a nice farm shop that was on the way back home, we took a punt and……………………it was open, and lovely (proving that even Sunday non-supermarket shopping is possible)! We picked up some great fruit, a bit more veg and some lovely meat, result! We were also in the market for cheese and there was some at the farm shop but we were underwhelmed with the choice; Ian is a bit of a cheese snob, but is very well versed in what a cheese should cost and refuses to pay over the odds, hence we left cheeseless…………….

shopping 3

Anyone notice the new dresser?

Driving back we passed a large sign advertising a farm that we had never been to. A quick google revealed they had a shop, were open and a postcode so satnav readied we spun round (not literally) and followed the 1.2 mile instructions, down an unlikely road with some houses, into what appeared to be a nature reserve and up to……………………a cycle path. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. The second satnav failure that weekend. Now at this point it is worth pointing out that we were in a bit of a rush, we were expecting visitors and had a lot to do prior to them arriving, however being equally curious and stubborn we pressed on, turned around and found a different route. We found the farm, found the farm shop and……………..they had a lovely selection of sausages and oils. Hmmmmmm. Not really what we were after, and now running late we disappeared home, laid out our wares and were very happy with what we had! Ian did say before we set out we should have gone to Millets Farm which is….. open Sundays and sells lots! Oh well!

shopping 2Tuesday was our monthly lovely Faringdon Farmers’ Market, and we were sad not to be able to do all our shopping there this month, but needs must, we had no food so had to go on Sunday. Becksie had to pop down into town to post something and called by the lovely Dews Meadow stall and got Ian a little treat – burgers, not just any old burgers but lovely pork and apple burgers! She also picked up some haslet and some sausages, and then also some Cornish yarg and couscous from the deli!shopping 7

Then finally today Ian popped off on his lunch break to the Oxford Farmers’ Market to get a bit more fruit, in particular some bananas for little Lizzie!! Quiet a fragmented weekly shop but completed whilst running other errands, with not a supermarket in sight and all done for the sum of £49.22 – not bad considering we got by last week on £15!!