I will knit a cardy for Lizzie! I will!

Jenny's knitting

Jenny’s knitting

Lizzie is nearly one years old! Since before Becksie was pregnant she decided that she would knit any baby that she had a cardy (poor child)! Lizzie is nearly one and the cardy is not made!

knitting 6

Lizzie’s wonky hat

This is not through lack of trying! Becksie started solo and ended up making Lizzie a hat as she didn’t have time to make a cardy (weak excuse). Becksie would like to knit something to make her nana proud!

Becksie has seen many a pattern that she wants to make. Lizzie has been made some AMAZING knitted items which she has worn and worn! Her mummy’s contribution to the knitted wardrobe is…… noted by its absence!

A Carol Oliver cardy

A Carol Oliver cardy

Becksie even went as far as staying at Granny Pugh’s for a few days and sat with her EXTREMELY patient mother in law whilst she tried (really really tried) to knit Lizzie a garment! Progress was SLOW!

knitting 4

We promise the supermarket carrier bag in the background is nothing to do with Team Pugh!

But……… today Becksie has…….. joined a knitting club! She took her wool, needles and pattern and has sought help. The reason she has done this is she really wants to surprise her lovely mother in law with a finished garmet! Well its actually a pants surprise as Granny Pugh is a blog reader! But…….  Becksie feels that if she blogs about her intentions to do it she might actually achieve her goal!

The new (much simpler) pattern Becksie is knitting!

The new (much simpler) pattern Becksie is knitting!

Fortunately Granny Pugh is very kind and will read this and still act surprised (and encourage Becksie no matter how rubbish) the fininshed article is.

Lizzie and Daisy the youngest knitters in the world!

Lizzie and Daisy the youngest knitters in the world!

Jenny of brownie fame and the lovely Daisy also came along to knitting club so I’m sure she will also encourage Becksie to finish the cardy before Lizzie is 21!

Jenny in action!

Jenny in action!


16 thoughts on “I will knit a cardy for Lizzie! I will!

  1. Good luck with the knitting, Becksie. I’m sure you’ll knit Lizzie a nice cardy – and maybe even before she turns two. 😉

  2. Good to see my daughter and granddaughter getting into knitting – Jenny’s godmother would be very pleased as she’s a demon knitter and has knitted Daisy several things (and supplied some cute hats for other babies of our acquaintance!) I must pick up my needles and finish the cardi I started about 7 years ago!

  3. Brilliant thing to do!!! I’m sure it’ll be lovely and Lizzie will keep it for her own children in time. You’ll have to make her a rag doll to wear it until the next generation is ready!!!

    • aww well hopefully it will be good enough to last Lizzie and then her dolly, not sure about it surviving for future generations though! That said Lizzie had a cardigan when she was first born that used to be Ian’s (it was a nice neutral white not blue!)

  4. Great idea and good luck with the knitting. I used to knit with my Nana as a child but it’s a skill I’ve long forgotten now. I’d love to take it up again, but it has to join the list of other things I’d like to do but don’t seem to get around to!

  5. well our hunniee is just over 9 months now and i have started no less than 6 cardies for her with the determination like yourself to finish one but i am a try and remember how its done nitter and yes its slow very slow but i am determined to get one done for her so be like me and dont give up by the time its finished it will fit a baby dont know whos but it will come in handy one day good luck

  6. It must be harder with Lizzie no doubt wanting to help! Hope you persevere, my Nan taught me to knit a hundred years ago (feels like!) and I started knitting again recently and I am really enjoying it….but hopefully you wont need to wait until you retire to finish anything!

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