nana 4Its sometime in late April 2012, Becksie is heavily pregnant, she goes to Sainsburys to buy enough food to do a huge batch cook to fill the freezer with homemade meals! Various folk and books have told her this is a good idea. The trolley has a mind of its own! Filled with £104 (cringing as we write that) of food the trolley seems to have even more free will and goes everywhere but where pregnant Becksie wants it to go! The fruit and vegetable selection is varied but the quality isn’t great but Becksie is on a mission. At the check out Becksie is at breaking point, the cashier watches as Becksie and uber bump lean into the trolley 200 times, the shopping is then thrown down the conveyer belt. Becksie feels like crying but pays her £104 bill. The trolley with all the bags in is a beast Becksie can not tame! No one helps this heavily pregnant woman in the car park to load her shopping not because they are rude or bad people because they are in supermarket shopper mode…… Every man for themselves! Becksie sinks into the drivers seat and sobs! Now she knows she was pregnant and emotions were on high but…… This is trigger point number one!why 1

Becksie is too tired to batch cook on the day as planned and the day after batch cook shop date was already busy so the food waited until the day after to be turned into meals. The food had all been correctly stored but…… On opening the packets a good selection of the fruit and veg were of very poor standards, mouldy, bland looking (same size and shape but no colour, or worse, flavour)! There is a ton of packaging to be disposed of! Becksie thinks there must be a better way to shop than this! Trigger point number two!

Becksie cooks the food and as she spends the day cooking she thinks! Becksie’s optimum thinking time is whilst she is cooking. Sometimes she can put a meal on the table and have a sort of out of body experience as shes thunked so hard she can’t remember cooking! This day she thunk really really hard! At the end the day she emailed Sainsbury’s with her thoughts!

sun tea 3A week or so later she got an email saying they were sorry about her experience and the off produce! Would Becksie like to go in and have a cup of tea with the manager to make things better and if she could provide the information for the mouldy products they would replace them for us! A nice offer but Becksie by this point was too big to drive, sitting wasn’t comfortable, coffee gave her heart burn, the recycle man had taken the packaging (and therefore the barcodes) away so we couldn’t say for sure what items we’d had! And…..mostly the thought of Becksie’s waters breaking in Sainsbury’s cafe were just too awful to deal with. A good offer but not really all that focused on this ‘customer’s’ current state. Subconscious trigger point number three!

why 5Lizzie was born! Lizzie in the beginning spent lots of time breastfeeding (at all times of the day and night). Becksie is sat feeding Lizzie for hours (at all times of day and night) and after the initial just looking at Lizzie phase Becksie discovered reading blogs! She followed a few and thought these were amazing! When a new post came into her inbox it was like getting real post and something Becksie looked forward to. She really wanted to start her own blog as a way to document things but had zero inspiration! Trigger point number four!

shopping week 9 (1)It starts to dawn on Ian and Becksie that as they are losing Beckie’s full pay very soon they need to make cut backs! They check the bank to see where there biggest spends are…….. Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Marks and Spencer, Budgens, Asda, Tesco! Meals out! Trigger point number five!

why 2One week Becksie takes tiny Lizzie solo shopping and finds it really stressful. The parent and child parking spaces are full. The car seat trolleys are all already in action. Tiny Lizzie has to be strapped into a seat far too big for her. Becksie is paranoid the trolley is going to tip as she puts all the shopping in. Check out part is stressful trying to unload, pack, load back in trolley and pay with one hand ensuring Lizzie is safe. Trigger point number six!

why 3One Tuesday morning Becksie needs to shop but can’t face the supermarket. She puts Lizzie in her buggy for a potter around Faringdon and the market. The fruit and vegetables we buy are amazing and much cheaper than we are used to paying! Packaging waste 2 carrier bags! We have a laugh with the market traders! They come round the front of the stall and help load the shopping on to the buggy. The cheese we buy in the little cheese shop in Faringdon is lovely as is the meat. Becksie makes her way to Budgens and stops and thinks! What do we ‘need’ extra? Answer nothing! Becksie gets home and unpacks! Shopping with a tiny baby has been done in Faringdon including chatting time in half an hour! Its been much cheaper! Ok we have bought less but….. We have everything we need! The food is so lovely Becksie is desperate to cook with it! Trigger point number seven.

why 4Becksie goes to her other thinking location! She thinks about wanting to blog, the pressure to save money, recent shopping trips! Then it hits her! Why not give up shopping in supermarkets to save money and…… Blog about our journey! She is so excited she could burst! She runs off to tell Ian and…………… the rest is history!


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  1. We have all got here from different places and for different reasons, thanks for sharing yours… Tim

  2. You are so right Becksie, it is a build up of many little triggers that can turn into huge life changing event,(speaks a lady who knows!) of course what started as a Year Without Supermarkets is likely now to become a Life without Supermarkets as I can’t see you wanting to return to the way things were! Hugely inspiring and I shall have to ask you for some tips on the blog writing milarky as Im total rubbish trying to find my way round WordPress, … you impress me totally in all respects!

    • Indeed it is a a life without supermarkets – there is no reason to return 🙂 Would gladly assist you with all things wordpress 🙂 Do you still come to Oxford? We could meet for a coffee?

      • Aw Guys..Thank you so much…I would so love to meet up with you but although I get back to Oxford when I can to see my daughter , it is a 3 hour journey each way and I have to arrange care cover for my disabled husband so I only get to spend a few hours with her before I trek back again!….will email you though and ask a few daft WP questions!

  3. I have just had my second baby 18 weeks ago and have a 19 month old, discovered your blog a few weeks ago and love reading it. We are now trying are very best to not go to supermarkets and it makes our life so much easier shopping with two kids. We now have a butcher, milkman and farm shop. Thank you for inspiration xxx

    • Hiya and congrats on baby number 2, how lovely 🙂 Indeed non supermarket shopping is much more child friendly 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and keep us posted. Best Wishes xx

  4. It’s good to hear about the triggers for your blog/lifestyle change. Oh how I wish I didn’t work full time, so I could do more independent shopping. We went to the farm shop on Saturday, spent quite a bit and as my husband is really cheeky he asked for some freebies, which he duly got (chocolate mouse, broken biscuit, almost out of date marzipan, bottle of pickles) all from the bargain basket. We had a laugh about his cheek with the staff, but it is so nice to shop where they recognise you (well him, he’s not easy to ignore). I work in town and could go to the indoor market every day at lunchtime if I wanted, but the problem is storing the stuff till the end of the day – no space in the fridge – and they’re closed by the time I finish work. This is the main enemy of the working shopper, opening times.

  5. Great post! It’s great to hear what your trigger points were to go supermarket free. I’m sure I’m looking at things in the same way, and although I’m actively spending less at the supermarket, I’m not entirely free of the place yet!

  6. Agree with the opening times comment! I’m inspired…but in a crap way as I’m having to build up the inspiration level. Working full time a 40 min drive away and usually running about like headless chickens on weekends make it feel much more difficult as the markets are closed by the time I drive home. Also don’t yet have a freezer! Aarghh! Excuses excuses.
    So while I wait for the best time to embark upon the no supermarkets lifestyle, I shall carry on reading and following your little lives. I LOVE the blog, I LOVE the principle, it’s super brill. My very small inspired step so far is….drum roll….changing my Riverford veg box to North Aston Organics (found on Big Barn – thank you!) plus weekly milk delivery :-).

    Keep up the good work lovely people.

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