So yesterday we packed up our last live below the line meal and went on a little road trip to Manchester to visit Aunty Leah and Uncle Liam! After a fairly stressful drive (satnav and Mammar incident) we arrived to more cakes Team Pugh couldn’t eat! Becksie asked if she could eat a cake at midnight but….. Ian said we were on rations until we woke up!image-3

When we woke up we had a cooked breakfast and ……… A cup of tea!!! It tasted AMAZING.

A lovely day was had by all and on our way to the war museum we happened upon a food festival! Lots of samples were had by all! We were very excited to see the lovely folk from flint and flame and gutted to discover we were two days early to see a demo by Mr. Bread himself…… Paul Hollywood! Oh well Becksie had left her fake tache at home but….. She could have asked for more bread pointers and told him warm water is the way forward!image

Lizzie had a great time at the museum and discovered that her head sways from side to side when she dances (its uber cute).

image-1After more pottering around and a tram trip or three we had a lovely Thai dinner – yummy, a delicious treat courtesy of Mammar Gray, then back home to find we have no food in our house so……. A ‘proper’ shopping trip tomorrow morning!!image-2