Live below the Line Day 5!

After doing so well all week and all getting up and having breakfast together this morning wasn’t so great. Becksie had been out to a Folly Dollies committee meeting and had successfully declined a glass of wine and a homemade strawberry cheesecake cake!!!!!!!! When she got home Ian and Becksie enjoyed their final pot of coffee (thats right not enough to have any today) and were thinking of heading for bed when Lizzie woke up. Now this is very rare for Lizzie so Becksie had a panic that the only possible conclusion was that Lizzie was hungry (she wasn’t, she’d eaten her tea but the mother guilts set in). Ian and Becksie were also hungry so…… (Bad parent alert) we got Lizzie up and Becksie made 3 homemade biscuits and we had ourselves a Team Pugh midnight feast! Becksie was still hungry and didn’t get to sleep to 4 am! So this morning was a little disorganised and Ian dashed out the house minus breakfast! Eeeek!

day 5 2

Lizzie and Becksie enjoyed some more porridge with the rest of our oats, for breakfast Lizzie also enjoyed our last banana!

Lunch was jacket potato and cheese for Lizzie with some carrot sticks and leftovers from last night for Becksie and Ian.

We are having a little picnic this evening so Β dinner will be homemade pizzas, potato wedges, leftover cabbage turned to coleslaw and the remaining apple and butternut squash turned into more muffins!day 5 1

We can’t believe that the week has gone by so quickly, and we have been pleasantly surprised that we have managed to live below the line successfully! When we first read up on live below the line we found that most of the advice was to visit the supermarket and buy a lot of basic/value items to feed yourself on for the week, however living below the line for a week has shown us that it is more than possible without setting foot anywhere near a supermarket, local shopping all the way!!day 5 3


10 thoughts on “Live below the Line Day 5!

  1. Amazing, you have not only Lived Below the Line but done it in style. It was brave of you to carry on even when you began to worry about the possible impact on Lizzie – she doesn’t look like she has suffered!
    You have really made me examine my food bills lately and encouraged me to choose to shop in the market/farmer’s market/ farm shop. Thank you for challenging me!

  2. I quite agree, you’ve taught me loads, and so interesting too! If its not too much of a pain, it’d be lovely sometime to have your recipies in one place, they’re tasty and nourishing!

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ Hows about a recipe book? hehe. We always try to catergorise the posts so they should all be in the recipe category but…… your right we could get our recipe page up and running πŸ™‚

  3. Brilliantly done challenge, so impressed that you have had such a varied diet, you have achieved so much this week and I hope you are very proud of yourselves!

  4. Well done. My toddler also didn’t seem to feel the effects of the week and we all avoided going hungry too. Although she did ask for some ‘treats’ today! You had the same final meal as I did, homemade pizza with potato wedges and what a gorgeous meal to finish with!

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