Day 4

The 'food waste' from the Satsuma!!!

The ‘food waste’ from the Satsuma!!!

So today has been Day 4 of our Live Below the Line experience. Another sunny day – started off with porridge for all (Lizzie is coming round to the idea of porridge which is great). Ian’s breakfast includes a generous amount of sugar as Becksie still feels guilty he is out earning the money. Also a shared recycled coffee for Ian and Becksie. After Lizzie eats her porridge she munches her way through the remaining Satsuma – a careful fruit selection as Becksie wants to use the peel as a feature of dinner.

Lunch means – Leftover lentil soup for Ian with 1 slice of bread. Lizzie and Becksie have bubble and squeak made from last night’s (intentional) leftover vegetables and a slice of toast each. Lizzie has some apple and yogurt for pudding.



Today’s snacks are a leftover cuffin (sort of cake sort of muffin) and a banana for Lizzie, Ian cheese and homemade water biscuits (this recipe is a keeper) and a cheeky bit of (intentonally) left over meringue. Becksie has a tiny bit of 4 3

Dinner is the remaining pheasant (and stock made from boiling the carcass) turned into…….. a curry with no spices. Grandad Gray makes a lovely very mild and sweet chicken curry with apples and sultanas (a family favourite) so this dish is modelled on that idea. We have apple and we have……… Satsuma peel! We also have wild garlic, salt and half a stock cube left, a tiny bit of sugar is added with butter leek, carrot, cauliflower, butternut squash and of course the rest of the 4 1

The seeds from the butternut squash are washed covered in melted butter, a little salt is added and they are roasted. This forms sprinkles to add texture on top of the curry (we also have more for supper) which is served with wild garlic lentils, flatbreads and sort of mock mango chutney. The mock mango chutney is made by adding a little of the leftover Satsuma marmalade to a small amount of cooked chopped tomato and a little sugar (its sticky, sweet and the right colour). Garden mint is added to a tiny bit of yogurt….. we have ourselves a mock takeway. Pudding meringues and sort of custard

(milk, sugar and egg yolk)! And….. we even have enough to feed Grandad and Marmar Gray!! Amazing!

Supper – more water biscuits, cheese and marmalade. Our final pot of coffee! We have completed day 4!

Total spend (mainly due to lunch being leftovers and calculated in yesterdays costs)…… an amazing £1.47 for all 3 of us plus 2 dinner guests!

In other news we are thinking of writing a book and calling it 50 shades of lentils hehe!day 4 4

In more news still we just wanted to say thank you for bearing with us as we know this week’s blog posts have perhaps been a bit samey – normal blog service will resume shortly. As a thank you for bearing with us and to ensure our blog content remains interesting to our readers we are even taking requests. Is there an aspect of our year without supermarkets you feel we haven’t covered? Is there an aspect of our journey you would like to hear more about? Particular recipe types of crafts or things you’d like us to try? Leave us a comment and over the coming weeks we’ll do our best.

Thank you for following our journey and if we’ve inspired you in anyway please take a moment to vote for us in the BiBs awards in the Inspire category.


11 thoughts on “Day 4

  1. Not been bored at all guys…actually fascinated to read how you are doing and impressed by your inventiveness!….having been working with WW2 rations as an experiment I now find it impossible to waste any food, find myself reusing a teabag until it is completely devoid of all use ,reusing leftovers and a huge respect for lentils!!….has it changed the way you look at food now?…will any of the things that you have discovered going to stay with you as a permanent fixture….maybe not nettle tea…but I have a lovely recipe for lentil sausages! It is really lovely to see a young family all pulling together and giving their child such a lovely upbringing you should be very proud of all you have achieved.

  2. I agree, not boring at all.

    I would like to know a bit more about how and why you came to the decision to give up supermarkets (I mean, I’ve been to a supermarket so I can understand why!). But what was it that lead to your “enough” moment and made you take the leap when you did? I don’t know if everyone remembers the day they made their big leap but I’m always interested to hear about it when people do remember.

    • Thank you – your wish is our command ……. blog post to answer all coming to a blog near you very soon. Thank you for your comments of support it means a lot xx

  3. I am lost in admiration for this week’s task! I don’t think I could do it so feel humbled by that thought.

    I agree with ‘thrift deluxe’ – how did you come to the point where you said ‘no more’ to the lure of the supermarket. I often think of you when I’m dashing round the aisles!!

    Well done for this week, I hope you’re going to treat yourselves tomorrow!!

    PS Daisy’s Little Grandma (my mum) still has her ration books from the war!

  4. I agree you’re not boring but inspiring! I loved the sound of those recipies and that was before I looked at the price!! It must be so lovely to have a little un’ who is bought up to understand the value of food and money. I’d like to know more about your decision to stop using supermarkets as I’m new in these parts.

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