Day 3

day 3 4So its Live below the Line Hump day! Its been very sunny and you know what…… today has been by far the easiest day. Not sure why? Maybe our stomachs have become trained, maybe it’s the fact that tonight we had a roast pheasant dinner.

Morning Lizzie complete with bed face :) and a few friends big 'babbrit' and dolly (made by Becksie)

Morning Lizzie complete with bed face 🙂 and a few friends big ‘babbrit’ and dolly (made by Becksie)

So the morning started with toast all round. Lizzie also had half a ‘narna’ before we dashed out (to sing songs about food) at sing and sign classes! Home, a few jobs, skype meeting with the wonderful Aunty Leah. Now Aunty Leah said that she was expecting a sad Becksie as the blog over the last few days has been very thoughtful and was surprised to find Becksie in good spirits. More inventive cookery has taken place today. We had lentil and cauliflower cheese soup with a slice of bread for lunch (Ian had leftover from last night’s dinner).



Snacks were our sort of cakes sort of muffins we made yesterday from butternut squash and our Satsuma peel marmalade.

day 3 8Fresh apple also for Lizzie.

day 3 3Dinner was a roast pheasant with some cheese sauce, well hot milk, half a baby stock cube and about 7 grams of cheese – it tasted nice though. For pudding pavlova with a cold weak custardette (not quite a custard) and stewed 3 5

Becksie and Ian also have supper to look forward to……. Pheasant pate with cheese and crackers! We are doing ok! And……. Becksie wonders why for years they have been buying water biscuit crackers – they are BEYOND easy to make and EXTREMELY cheap! This is the recipe from our lovely wartime cookery book (we dramatically reduced the amount we made but thought we’d share the whole recipe).day 3 6

Today’s total spend (drum roll please) a rather cool £2.28

Becksie also had some nettle tea – errrrm it tasted like errrrm cat wee! Lets hope it wasn’t hehe! day 3 1


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  1. A brilliant effort! It must be difficult to provide good nutritional food on a budget, but you’ve done great!!

  2. The Pughs are doing very well, though im not sure how many other Below the liners will have access to so much foraged food(meat).I loved Mammars comments from last night about how to make a chicken go a long way, at this house it does roast chicken (we have the legs) then one breast makes curry(day 2)maybe,then the other makes Chinese stir fry(day3) or something. Bones and wings make stock for chicken veg soup.this weeks stock made soup for 5 lunches!
    Becksie I am with you about nettle tea, this is probably sacrilege but all the herby type teas seem to taste yuk to me! Give me proper tea anytime!
    Hope day 4 goes as well as today and keep up the good work. 🙂

  3. Not just good spirits…the most excellent spirits! Pheasant pate – that’s amazing! Go Pughs 🙂 xxx

  4. I’ve heard that nettle soup is ok (no-one has suggested associations with cat wee) and it’s supposed to be very nutritious. Use rubber gloves to pick the top 4 leaves from non-wee’d-on nettles. You need quite a lot as it withers down like spinach. I’m so impressed by your inventiveness with food!

  5. You are doing so well!, and i’m so pleased you are in good spirits…. if you have any fruit peelings, apple or Satsuma left you could try fruit tea…but I do tknow I would struggle without my cup(s) of builders brew!

  6. Becksie I have just made some Water Biscuits and you are right they are SO easy!….I can advise that putting on my reading specs(or actually reading the recipe properly!) may have helped as I forgot the fat…but they still turned out perfectly ok and I have had them for brekkie with some Hummus I made yesterday and it was lovely…I shall be snacking on them all day now!…thinking now about another batch with poppy seeds or sesame seeds or maybe some parmesan on top!….sorry Becksie I shouldn’t be wittering on about food when you are going without but they are soooooo good!

    • AMAZING ……. great idea to add other ingredients – can’t wait to try these ideas! We must do some more wartime recipes as they all seem to be great 🙂

  7. I have just been listening to an interview on the radio with a lady who has been doing this challenge for a month. Wow! Hearing that and reading about what you’re doing is really making me think about our whole society’s attitude to food and shopping, and how little we value our food/drink, taking it so much for granted. It is terribly sad. Well done on your resourcefulness and keep up your inspiring work 😄!

  8. You are all doing so well! Looking at what you are consuming is not a bad thing. It makes all of us appreciate it much more. Had a bad virus that lasted 3 weeks and then a toothache, so have been on a ‘Lizzie’ diet but including the porridge! Janis Joplin sings, ‘you don’t know what you’ve lost till its gone’ So enjoy tea when back on the menu.

    • Hope you are feeling better – you’re right it is really good to consider what you are consuming – this last week has done us good in many ways x

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