A Sad Day

A very sad day for Team Pugh, Paul the Chicken has passed on :(. Paul lived a very happy little life, we reared her from a little chick, and she outlived her little chick buddies by quite some time, loved scratting around for food and giving herself soil baths in the borders.

Paul 1

Now as you will know Paul’s egg supply has somewhat declined of late and so in terms of food production Paul’s loss will not be too acute, however we will certainly miss her rather quizzical looks and Ian will miss her pecking at his toes when he is stupid enough to go into the pen with just his flip flops on (as in on his feet, he is always fully clothed when outside, thankfully).

paul 2

What with Paul’s passing and Barry also giving up on the egg production (she is at least 7 so we don’t think badly of her) we are left with just Kevin popping out eggs for us, at the rate of about 4-5 a week, not enough to sustain a family that loves cakes, baked treats and not to mention plain old eggs.

Therefore we really must get around to getting some more – we did have a look at buying some from a chickenmonger (if that is not the correct term it should be) and whilst they had some very beautiful varieties we feel that we really should get some more hens from the British Hens Welfare Trust, who purchase chickens from farmers who have fulfilled their useful commercial laying life and are destined to be made into cat food. Rescue hens are still very productive and hardy, and it is great to see them come alive in their new surroundings and see their coats and combs flourish and fill out. So…….. We have had a check out when our local centre will next have some available for adoption and we have found that there will be some we can get on 18th May! Amazing! Lonely little Kevin and Barry will soon have some companions, in the mean time they can make the most not having to fight so much over the best bits of food………..

One of our original rescue hes ready for some sunshine!

One of our original rescue hes ready for some sunshine!


19 thoughts on “A Sad Day

  1. Poor Paul! What a lovely family to have lived with though and what a lovely thing to be giving a home to chickies who’ve had a horrid time. Glad you haven’t got too long to wait!

  2. yes it is a sad day for you all but chickens are like that dont get attached to the new ones love them but keep at arms lengh ther is no loyalty in the chicken world

  3. Oh that’s a shame but he had a very happy life with you and thankfully never had to endure the hardships that your rescue chooks will have gone thru….will look forward to seeing the new additions when they arrive.

  4. curious to know why your hens have mens names? Is there something ominous here???? regards, Pat

    • hehe – they are in actual fact called Rachel, and Tamara but over time became Paul and Barry Chicken (like the chuckle brothers) when we rescued Kevin we felt she needed an equally silly name hehe

  5. Sorry to hear this, Becksie, but he clearly had a lovely life with a family who treasured him and it’s lovely to think that some rescue angels will enjoy a similar lovely life.xx BTW, just finished reading a book called ‘A Year in the Village of Eternity’ about life in an Itlaina village where people live incredibly long lives and enjoy the most idyllic lifestyle. It reminded me so much of you!

  6. sorry to hear about the demise of Paul. Next time give your brood GIRLIE names, I just love chickens my dad had a small holding when i was a girl, he sent me to colect the eggs they knew i was scared of them pecked my hands wntill dad showed me how to do it without scareing them.

  7. Sorry to hear about Paul, but if Barry is 7, then she’s obviously enjoyed life at TPHQ. I lost Enid last week, who must have been 4, but Maude (Marauding Maude when she was younger- she was quite feisty!) is still going strong at 9. I keep expecting the worst when I open the hen house…

  8. Sorry to hear about Paul 😥. I will tell you a funny story involving Ed and the Chuckle brothers that he came out with when I told him your sad news x x

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