A Really Good Night in

a good night in 3Yesterday was Macmillan’s  ‘Really Good night in’! Becksie went along with her friend Sara to a lovely event in Faringdon that was organised by a fellow Folly Dolly! A lovely time was had by all, tea, cakes, pizza and a raffle with wonderful prizes (we incidentally didn’t win a thing grrrrr). As one of the fund raisers there was a cupcake competition and one of the plates of cupcakes, made by Ruth was soooooooo totally brilliant that Becksie thought they were worth a little blog post.a good night in 1

Becksie would like to take the credit for these but…… these are all Ruth’s – we would have made a batch but Ruth’s were so lovely we don’t think we could have done any better.

Couldn’t be simpler really – basic cupcake recipe but instead of using cupcake cases use an ice cream cone. Believe it or not they don’t burn in the oven (Ruth did say some of the recipes she had seen said you could wrap the cones in foil). So bake the cakes until a skewer comes out clean and then allow them to cool.

Make a batch of butter cream icing and pipe as shown (Becksie could no way have made these so beautiful), stick a flake in the top and decorate with sprinkles!a good night in 4

Ice cream cupcake – a perfect party piece for any event 🙂

Oh and ….. by the way the event raised over £100 for a most excellent cause!

Ian was very happy with his Ice Cream cupcake gift Becksie bought home for him

Ian was very happy with his Ice Cream cupcake gift Becksie bought home for him


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  1. I made (not so well decorated) cakes like this for my daughter’s birthday party that had a seaside/water theme. Her cake looked like a sandcastle (cover yellowy butter icing in light brown soft sugar and stick a flag in the top essentially!) and we made these cupcakes- the cones don’t burn, just make sure you buy the flat-bottomed ones…

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