Sun , Sea and Stacky cups

stackyWell hello and welcome to another Lizzie blog post!!

Things are settling down and are back to normal at Team Pugh HQ (as my dad insists on calling our house), however last week was very strange indeed!

It all started last Saturday when I was woken up at a ridiculous time and bundled (to be fair my dad was probably quite gentle but at that time in the morning it felt like I was bundled) into the car…… I was not very impressed I will have you know but then…. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up I was whisked into a very large building which seemed far too busy so early in the day….my only conclusion was that they were all up to something.

sun sea 1We made our way past a man who my mum for some reason wanted to wave a photo of me at (it was really embarrassing, totally  not the best photo ever of me), and then we walked some more (thank goodness for my new buggy) until we were by some big windows with lots of ‘planes’ outside. Now I don’t really get it, because when my dad says “here comes the plane” it is normally just my spoon with food on flying towards my mouth, but these things were HUGE……no one could have a mouth that big, could they?

Eventually I got up to speed and realised we were getting inside this plane thingy, on our holidays apparently.  As I woke up a bit things got bit clearer and I remembered going on holiday before, but we went in the car, but apparently we had to go in the plane because It is faster and we were going a long way, I can’t say I noticed the difference.

As we got on the plane I felt quite excited about the whole thing, I enjopy flying when my dad throws me in the air so I thought it could be fun, but 15 minutes into being made to sit still on mum’s then dad’s then mum’s then dad’s lap made me think I was in for a dull morning so…… nap time!!

A snooze later and we were on the ground again, it didn’t really see much different but was very warm and everyone spoke with a funny voice, but they all seemed very friendly, this time my dad was proudly showing of my picture to the people at the airport, still no idea why!

We got to a nice big building which my mum said was our hotel, we went to our room and I had a good scout about, turned round and realised lots of my stuff was there, I’m sure I didn’t have it with me on the plane so I am not sure how it got there, but I was happy to see it!

sun sea 3We all had a little rest then went out for a stroll in my new holiday buggy, and guess what? We were by the sea!! It looked really pretty, there was a nice little street with nice smiley people and even some cats, YAY!

After some walking, a snack and some snoozing (on my part) we went back to our room and shot straight out again to dinner – dinner, lovely lovely dinner. I love dinner, I can even say dinner now which really impressed my mama and dada (I can say that too).

Dinner was amazing, and what’s more we went to the same lace every night we were there, and it was only about 1 minute walk from our room! There were lots of lovely ladies in the restaurant who kept coming and talking to me and smiling at me, and I made lots of friends who were sat near us, they all said I was lovely and happy, I aim to please!

Each night we had different food, and there was lovely fruit for pudding too, my mum, dad and me all ate so much. It was superb!

sun sea 2After dinner we went back to our room and I was forced to go to bed, booooo, but then next morning I woke up and went back to the restaurant……for breakfast! Wow! Breakfast was as good as dinner and then some, cereal, fruit, yoghurts, pancakes, cooked breakfast, mmmmm it was all so tasty!!! We got to go to breakfast every day too – result!

We spent most of the week pottering around, we went swimming a lot as there was a nice warm (well my mum said it was warm, I’d say more tepid) indoor pool, I did lots of lengths and some underwater swimming and diving off the side and all sorts, it was great. There was also some slides and a soft play area where I had lots of fun – holidays are brill!

sun sea 8We also went a couple of times to the beach – now I have been to the beach before a few times but not to actually crawl round – sand is so much fun, not that my mum thinks so (my dad called her sand-bore one day). I had a great time crawling round and playing in it, my dad buried my feet and legs which I thought was funny, for some reason though my mum kept covering me in this white lotion on my skin that made the sand stick to me so I looked like a sand monster, raarrrrrrrr! We went to the beach one day though and my mum (who was definitely not being a sand bore) played with me and took me in the sea and everything (not that I really liked it, it was a bit too cold).

sun sea 6We also went out and about a bit – Dad hired a car and drove us (on the wrong side of the road) to a big city, which was fun. Thankfully the car had a car seat in, but it wasn’t as comfy as my own one, still I managed to get a few minutes sleep on the way there and back. It was so lovely and warm on my holiday, I didn’t even need socks or tights or anything, my feet got to breathe and feel all toasty :).sun sea 5

When we got to Friday my mum and dad starting putting all my stuff and clothes back into those big bags of theirs, which I knew could only mean one thing…………………..we were off on our travels again! I thought maybe we would go visit somewhere else but no, apparently we were off home. I was a bit sad that we were leaving but just between me and you I was a bit glad too, I really liked the room, but it was no Team Pugh HQ (TPHQ), and I really liked the food, but I missed my mums cooking, and I liked the random cats, but I really missed my Katie, Jessica and Jake….. I was looking forward to seeing them again!sun sea 4

Now I made a special effort to go to sleep early on that Friday expecting to get rudely awoken at 2am again but no, not up so early, even had time for breakfast, then back to the airport, more picture waving (yawn), more waiting around, then back onto a plane home. Now I found it easy to sleep on the way but on the way home, as it was mid-morning and I had had a super good sleep the night before I really didn’t have any sleep left in me so I just bounced around on my dad’s lap, then my mum’s lap, then my dad’s lap, then the nice lady next to my dad’s la………….. ok well `my dad wouldn’t let me jump on her but she was very friendly and I ‘entertained’ her for a while (it’s tiring being so cute). After a few laps of the plane with dad we were ready to land again, which meant me being strapped to my mum (do they think I am a baby or something) and my dad pulling slightly worried looking faces and clenching his fists (he told me he doesn’t like flying much but I don’t know why, it’s just like being on the ground, but in the air?).

Finally back in our own car, my own car seat and back where everyone spoke a bit more normally we pitter-pottered home, called in at a few places and got ourselves lots and lots of cream – I have no idea why, it went out of date the day after, there is no way even my fatty dad could eat that much in 1 day!jake 4

Back at TPHQ and I got to see my Jessica, my Jake and my Katie and I got to sleep in my own bed……………lovely. I did really enjoy my holiday………..but I am glad to be back. What’s more it seems that we bought the sun back on the plane with us it is still lovely and warm!! Right……………..i’m off for my bath and bed, until next time…………………Lizzie Pugh xx


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  1. So glad you had a lovely holiday, Lizzie. I really enjoyed reading about your adventures. Say hello to dada and mum. Love you from afar!

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