Sun Tea

sun tea 5What another lovely sunny day! It is really nice to finally have a little bit of sunshine and today’s little dose of sunshine meant only one thing…….. it was time to make this year’s first jug of sun tea!

Sun tea is something Becksie discovered few a years ago and it is fairly self explanatory – it is indeed tea that is brewed using the power of the sun. Don’t think this kind of cup of tea though……sun tea 3

Think cool long summery refreshing drink that actually tastes of sunshine!

There are a few pre requisites for being interested in giving this a go:

a)      You need to like tea

b)      You need to like Iced tea

The other great thing about this recipe is that you can experiment with different types of teas as the base, different fruits, spices, sugars – the world is your oyster really.

Our favourite sun tea is made using lemons, 1 teabag (or spoon in a teahouse thing ma bob) of English breakfast tea, one of earl grey, 1 x lemon, sugar to taste, water, cinnamon and 3 to 4 hours of sunshine.

sun tea 1Today we didn’t have any lemons but….. we did have a grapefruit left from a few shops ago that really needed using.

We placed one normal tea bag, 1 teaspoon of earl grey tea (in a teahouse thingy ma bob), cut the grapefruit in half squeezed the juice into the jug but also put the rest of the half grapefruit in to infuse, added 2 teaspoons of sugar a little flurry of cinnamon (how Nigella does that sounds?) and filled the jug up with cold water.

sun tea 4

We cling filmed the top – this step is uber uber important unless you want bug sun tea!

sun tea 2

We then left it in the sunshine to ‘brew’ and infuse for 3 to 4 hours.

When it’s time was up we brought it in and chilled in the fridge!

Drink and enjoy.

As we have made this so often we have a few extra tips – you can sometimes get away with refilling the jug and giving it more time in the sun to make a second (weaker) next day batch. It works with all sorts of ingredients – fresh raspberries, mint, limes are all most excellent sun tea ingredients. A see through jug allows for maximum Sunshine exposure. This is a great little recipe to use for summer parties and BBQs as it looks pretty and shouts summer!

A little bit of sunshine in a glass.


6 thoughts on “Sun Tea

  1. I was somewhat confused by this, sounds a nice idea but if you’re going to put in the fridge to cool why does it need to stand in the sun? Or am I being completely stupid? Not unknown?!!

    • Hiya hehe – the sunshine makes the tea infuse but is not used to heat up the tea – its a cold tea 🙂 We have tried to do it without the sunshine element and ….. it just doesn’t taste as lovely hehe

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