Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s

shopping update 1As this is a shopping blog we thought we’d better keep you all in the know about where we are at with our food shopping. So as we were away last week we have not been properly shopping for a wee while. We decided that as we knew we wouldn’t be doing a normal shop last week before we went we got a few ingredients bits and pieces from the deli and some grapes and bananas from the market. Now as you know we always photograph the food we buy in order to blog about it. Well this little shop was no exception, however……. someone who will remain namebecksieless accidently deleted the pictures ooops! The shop included brown sugar, polenta, yogurt and as we mentioned fruit. Don’t fear we may have lost the photo’s but we know how much we spent £15.15. Whilst on holiday we treated ourselves to some bits and this (after working out the money conversion) came to
£11.20 so……..(are you asleep yet?) that’s a total of £26.35 leaving us change of £23.65. This was week 24!

shopping update 3Apologies we know this is a little dry but we feel all out of shopping sorts and as we are trying to be such organised beings we just want to keep you up to speed. So……… we returned on Saturday and knowing we would have empty cupboards we stopped on route and got bread, milk, cucumber, cheese and a couple of bananas. We wanted to go to the market so this was enough to tide us over. However we ended up spotting some bargain cream, yogurt and crème fraiche and hatched a little plan. We decided that we would buy lots of cream and make more homemade ice cream to eat over the coming weeks and ……. Some homemade butter. So this came to a total of £16.45 giving us £33.55 to spend at the market.

abingdonThis morning Becksie and Lizzie went to Abingdon as they needed to a) exchange the money back b) bank some money and c) get the rest of the shopping.  They managed to bank some of the money and managed to get the rest of the shopping but…… the post office (where Ian’s research on the best exchange rate deal had directed them) was in fact located in……. you guessed it ……. a supermarket!! So we still have Euros – oh well. At least the shopping was a success and we even have £2.61 to add to the savings.

shopping update 2So just to cross the T’s and dot the I’s……… Week 25 shopping weighs in at £47.39. Total savings to date £338.76!

shopping update 5Phew!!! The world’s most boring blog post is over, thank you for reading this far we promise to be more exciting tomorrow.


22 thoughts on “Crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s

  1. Not boring at all, it’s always good to see what you’ve bought for your money. Becksie not to worry about loss of other picture, we’ve all lost photos before! Would never have had forethought to see a lot of cream would make ice cream ( my hubby eats loads of it) Doh!

    • hehe – re picture loss – very silly girl indeed. We were very excited to find the cream bargain – we did get funny looks at the till and I had to explain we didn’t have a really awful diet hehe

  2. I think it’s interesting to find out how you’re getting on money-wise. Incidentally, I’m having a frugal week and spending as little as possible on food – various reasons for this! So far £2.32 – it will be more but I hope no more than £10. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. You Pugh’s are so inspiring! Glad you had a good week away, I’m no good with photo’s either!

  4. If you like, i will buy your euros from you, as i need some and will be going to France at the end of may……

  5. Shame you couldn’t swop your Euros….. I thought of you today as I was doing an emergency supermarket grab and the fruit/vegetables were so depressing!! Terrible poor quality and limited choice – argh! When my sons treatment is over I’m going to buy my fresh stuff from anywhere other than supermarkets!!

    • hehe – euro crisis about to be sorted! Good stuff re fruit and veg – we really don’t miss supermarket fruit and veg (well anything about them). All the best to your son lots of love Team Pugh xx

  6. Swapping your Euros isn’t supermarket shopping. I would consider that a “business deal” in the supermarket or not…unless your bank does coin change.
    So glad your holiday was fun…I do enjoy your blogging daily. Keep up the good work.

  7. I agree with Kathy – the Post Office is a separate business so you’re not breaking rules surely by going there even if it is in a supermarket. Alternatively could Grandad Gray go and change your spare Euros? or keep them for the next trip? or do a deal with whoever’s going to Europe next?! If you still have them by September, I’ll buy them!!

    • hehe – a sensible thing not to involve oneself with cats, baking or children – we promise to do more shopping based posts 🙂 Thank you for reading

  8. I enjoy reading about your money saving exploits! Your shopping is so much more interesting than supermarket shopping. Looking forward to hearing about the icecream and butter.

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