Take all you want but….. Eat all you take

take all you want 2So as you know we have just returned from holiday and we are pleased to report it was very lovely including rather yummy food. Every morning we went down to breakfast and were treated to a wonderful selection of food. Over our week we perfected the breakfast routine! Ian and Lizzie would go and find a table (within a certain zone – creatures of habit and all that). Lizzie would say good morning to all the waiters and waitresses (her favourite looked like Aunty Leah and was called Amelia) she would then say hello to all her holiday ‘friends’ as the week went on she got more and more fans. Whilst this was taking place Becksie would put some toast in the giant rollers and deliver a yogurt to Lizzie and Ian picking up the cups to get tea and coffee whilst remaining vigilant that no one stole the toast (is Becksie the only one who has this fear). The toaster was uber slow and Becksie usually had time to get the tea, coffee and milk before it was ready to be flipped onto the other side. Whilst the second side cooked Becksie would get her (first) plate of breakfast, get the toast and return to the table. By this time Lizzie had finished her yogurt and was ready for toast and Ian had thought long and hard about his (first) breakfast dish! His best effort was….. Pancakes, maple syrup and……….black pudding!! Yikes!take all you want 1

Dinner followed a rather similar pattern and Ian’s combinations were… Just as odd! In short we ate a lot! Highlights were the profiteroles, lovely lamb chops, the bacon at breakfast, the lovely fresh fruit, in fact there wasn’t a bad dish.

We were also really pleased to make a few observations about food waste. Firstly people seemed (as a rule) to be following the wise words issued by Becksie’s lovely Uncle Sean on the subject of hotel buffets (in your best Derbyshire accent) ‘take all you want but….. eat all you take’! This was great to see as the potential for food waste in this kind of eating arrangement is huge!

The second good thing that became a game to spot for Team Pugh was that food that was leftover (as in left on the buffet not from people’s plates) which was food upcycled into a new dish for the next meal. For example the leftover grated carrot, sweetcorn, tomatoes became a salad for the next meal. Our favourite and yet weirdest food upcycle (we didn’t actually try it as we didn’t think it would enhance our breakfast) was the aubergines from dinner made into aubergine fritters for breakfast (told you they didn’t seem much like a breakfast food).take all you want 3

We guess we should also at this point confess we did in fact  buy lunch out more than once, a technical breach of our rules but…. A) we hope you will forgive us B) Very shortly we are going to be living below the line and therefore will take our reduced shopping budget and then some very soon and C) Grandad and Mammar Gray (This is what Lizzie calls Granny Gray) gave us some holiday spends so if you want to argue the toss technically they paid for our lunches. take all you want 5

So after our break from cooking (well Becksie’s break from cooking) we will look back on our holiday dining with fond memories. It was also nice not to have to remember to photograph our dinner for blogging purposes but….. we have some new recipe ideas so watch this space.


2 thoughts on “Take all you want but….. Eat all you take

  1. My children love those toasters 🙂

    I have an uneasy relationship with those buffets. We sometimes get invited to the Chinese/International ones and I strongly encourage the children to only get what they can eat each time because you can always go back for more. This is made more difficult by the fact certain members of the extended family regard it as a mission to get value for money…

    • This is indeed a buffet issue – its easy to have eyes bigger than ones belly or think loading up your plate is getting the most for your money

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