Did You Miss Us?

Well, Team Pugh have a little secret, for the last week we have………been on our holiyars as Grandad Gray would put it, did any of you notice we had gone? 10 points if you did!

Holiday 1

Yes we decided to take Lizzie on her very first holiday abroad to the sunny island of Mallorca, and sunny it was indeed, lovely weather, no rain and temperatures of at least 20 degrees every day was just about perfect!

Lizzie seemed to have a lovely time, plenty of ooohs, ahhs and a few new words learnt, but more of that another day!

Now we are sure you all have 2 questions on your lips, firstly how come we were blogging on our holidays and secondly did we venture into a supermarket?

Well firstly we were uber uber prepared and wrote a weeks worth of posts and scheduled them to auto-post before we left, how organised are we! Definitely a big New Year’s Resolution tick! In fact we are so organised Ian is sat writing this by the pool yesterday as Lizzie snoozes in her buggy and Becksie finishes her book, Check. Us .Out.holiday 3

And then secondly did we go in a supermarket? Of course not! We were staying half board, so only needed lunch, drinks and snacks which cut down on our food shopping needs, however the task was made a bit harder by the fact that it appeared to be a sort of status symbol for every little shop to call themselves a supermercado and associate themselves with a poplar ( you’ll get this in a mo) brand of convenience store whose logo contains a tree (see?) and whom are absolutely on our no-shop list. We did manage to find some really lovely little shops though, but again, more of that another day!Holiday 2

We hope that you all had as lovely a week as we did, and we promise to reply to all of your lovely comments just as soon as we have unpacked……….

Holiday 4


10 thoughts on “Did You Miss Us?

  1. The only giveaway was that the post appeared somewhat earlier in the inbox! Hope you had a lovely relaxing time!

  2. I noticed, there have been no replies to comments especially the letter to Lizzie page, I feel Becksie would not let them go un-noted if she had been around. Hope you had a lovely rest in the Sun.

    • Hiya
      Indeed you are correct Becksie was slightly stressed that she couldn’t reply to the lovely comments especially the ones on the letter to Lizzie post – all sorted now though – phew! We did indeed have a lovely rest in the sun. Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. I’d guessed because of the lack of replies to comments too, and only the ‘regular’ tweets 🙂
    Are the 10 points non-supermarket loyalty points? Can I collect more?!

    Hope you had a lovely time- certainly envious of the weather. We were in Spain years ago and found the shops all loved being supermarkets too. I can remember the little shop down the road from our villa having huge yellow signs proudly pointing out it carried Happy Shopper mayonnaise…

    • Good spotting 🙂 It was stressful not being able to reply to comments but…… we are now up to date 🙂
      Good idea re non – supermarket loyalty points! Thats really funny about the Happy Shopper mayonnaise – bless them 🙂

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