5 a day

The five a day campaign has been running for quite a while in fact for the same amount of time that Ian has known Becksie and vice versa – 10 Loooooooonnnng years!

In 10 years the Ian and Becksie campaign has:

Gained 2 useless degrees

A few points to mention
a) this is how Ian used to look when he got time to watch TV and play on FIFA
b) Becksie is not proud of her AWFUL hair
c) We both got the same grade in our degree – Becksie spent A LOT more time studying but is NOT bitter about this fact!

Purchased one teeny tiny house

Had five feline members

Sadly we lost LaLa in 2011 but Josh Katie's ginger kitten lives with our friend in Newcastle and has a geordie meooooowwwpet!

Sadly we lost LaLa in 2011 but Josh Katie’s ginger kitten lives with our friends in Newcastle and has a geordie meooooowwwpet!

Organised and taken part in a lovely colourful and homespun wedding

5 a day 4

Produced one cute kiddo

5 a day 3

Eaten A LOT of food

Successfully avoided supermarkets since 5th November 2012

Eaten somewhere in the region of 18 265 pieces of fruit and vegeatables each! Yes Ian and Becksie and now little Lizzie try very very hard to eat their 5 a day but……… what about the rest of the UK?

Our friends over at Fruit for London have produced a lovely infographic and allowed us to share it with you good folk. We think it’s really interesting.

Take a look for yourself………

5-a-day-infographic-fruit4london jpg

Our thoughts on this are of course that local markets are a fantastic place to buy your five a day and scratch cooking makes it easy to munch your way through your five a day.


6 thoughts on “5 a day

  1. dear all just a quick note to say it is a fact that a glass of wine counts as a 5 a day portion i am glad i can keep up with grandma grey and drink a bottle so i know we are in the group of 50 plusses who regualy do get 5 a dayx

  2. We manage our 5 a day with ease. Do you feel though like me that this is not a cheap lifestyle choice? We spend on average £70 a week on groceries for a family of 4 with two very hungry teens, £40 – £45 of this is on fruit and veg. I buy in season and don’t waste a thing so am always astounded at what we spend?? Through the more productive months on the allotment the farm shop bill is less 🙂

    • Hiya
      Thank you for your comment – we have found that for us this is a much cheaper lifestyle 🙂 markets and farmers markets seem to be the way forward for the best (both in terms of quality and cost) for fruit and veg. So far since starting this experiment (nov – april) we have saved £338 on our £50 per week budget. Happy Shopping and fruit and Veg munching. Best Wishes Team Pugh

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