A letter to Lizzie

When we posted the blog about Becksie’s nana we had a really lovely response from lots of our lovely online readers and also some lovely messages from people we know in the real world. Thank you they made Becksie very emotional and we are sure nana is looking down on us.  Another one of Nana’s catchphrases, in fact her most famous, is the following:

Lizzie letter 1

‘Your future lies before you like a path of untrodden snow, be careful how you tread it as every step will show’

This quote is lovely and as we go through life it often pops into Becksie’s head. Of course its true. To go back to the response we had from readers to our post last week we had one comment that was particularly lovely about how in years to come Lizzie could read this blog as a reminder of her early life. This is so true and something we have also thought (our plan is to get a copy of the content printed and bound so that she has it in book form). This makes the blog perhaps even more important and to echo nana’s sentiments we must be careful how we tread it as this is a permanent record of what we did, bought, ate and thought when Lizzie was small! Eekkk no pressure then!!Lizzie Letter 2

So as we are a little way into our challenge and have written quite a lot of content so far we thought we’d write a letter to Lizzie aged 20, 30, 40, 50,60, 70, 80, 90, 100 when she reads this blog back!

Dear Lizzie

We hope you are well and if you are reading this and we are no longer with you please know we love you, are watching over you, miss you and are extremely proud of you. If you are reading this and we are still with you please also know we love you and are extremely proud of you.

Lizzie letter 3

As we write this you are just 11 months and 1 day old, you are wearing a yellow and white stripy baby grow with bees and ladybirds on, you have wiggled your leg out of one of the legs and look very funny. You are uber cute and are mastering the arts of communication, moving and are really starting to find your place in this world. You are basically brilliant.

Lizzie Letter 4

We LOVE being your mummy and daddy and have had so much fun already. We hope you are enjoying reading back through this blog and our journey as a team to shop without supermarkets. It must be a little weird to be able to see what we bought and ate when you were small but we hope you will be pleased to have this record and we hope you will or already have shared it with your family (maybe even grandchildren) – a real piece of family history!

lizzie letter 5

If you are reading this a teenager we are sorry if this blog is the cause of embarrassment but please ride it out and re-read it again when you are older as we promise the embarrassment (about some things) will fade! Please remember being embarrassing is part of the specifications for being a parent.just another 1

We hope you approve of the food we have provided for you, the adventures we had and our version of events. Who knew that not shopping in supermarkets could be so much fun. If you are reading this and shop in supermarkets don’t feel guilty but remember that our findings tell us that local shopping is best!

We hope our ramblings have inspired you a little and we hope that you have inherited your mummy’s cooking skills not your daddy’s. We hope you have continued to enjoy eating as much as you currently do (which is lots).

toms 1

We will write again later in this project and apologies if we have come up with other projects and missions that you have had to be involved with /endure!

We love you lots and lots and lots

Mummy and Daddy xx

Lizzie letter 6


23 thoughts on “A letter to Lizzie

  1. Lovely letter to your daughter. Reminds me of a similar idea that I read about where on every birthday the parents write a letter to their child. All of the letters get stored in a beautiful box to be read by the child on their 21st birthday – something I definitely plan on doing with my own kids when I have some 🙂

    • Thank you – I really like this idea and will do this – gosh I think it will get quite emotional. I have also been working on some scrap books for Lizzie – I have a few from holidays as a child and I love them! Thank you for the idea 🙂

  2. I am sure this will become a treasured possession. My dad only wrote one letter in his life to me and I cherish it and re-read it regularly!

  3. If you continue to shop as you do, your daughter will see that as normal and do the same. Her teenage rebellion may be at Asda! Who knows what the high st will look like in 13 years? I wish I could do what you are doing. My rule is I have to walk so limited choices. And no way with 3 adults can I stick to your budget. However you are inspirational and hopefully more will learn there are alternatives to supermarkets and buying locally is good for the community.

    • The idea of Lizzie’s teenage rebellion being an Asda binge is simply BRILLIANT! Indeed who knows what the future of the high street is 😦 ekkkk!

  4. Lovely photo of the three of you. I too tried to keep a log book for my three boys but as I had three little boys under five and was working part time, I unfortunately failed to keep it going as I hoped. I did however write a letter to them all for when I either die or become incapable., I so want them to all have and enjoy their own lives not to feel guilty and give up their time here to look after us as we have had to do. That is not why we had them. Unfortunately now in our early fifties my hubby and I are both worn out and very poorly which to my remorse is impacting on my lovely boys. Enjoy your georgeous baby as she will soon grow up, I have a lovely poem which I find and post on here for you. I think you will love it. Keep blogging. Lin x

    • Hiya, thank you for the lovely comment – we are looking forward to reading the poem (perhaps if you email it we can blog it? teampugh@hotmail.co.uk) We have been doing a scrap book for Lizzie but……. are way behind! We must catch up before its too late. Your right children grow up so fast – It seems about 2 mins since she was a tiny pink baby now she is nearly 1! Lots of love

  5. What a wonderful idea, it will be treasured forever I am sure, and be part of your family history for generations to come…what a historic legacy to leave her…priceless x

    • Thank you – we hope so! What a lovely idea of it being a part of our family history – that’s got to be inspiration on the days when we have bloggers block

  6. I’m sure you have created something your daughter will love to look back on. Can I make a suggestion since we are thinking about memories? I wish I had done this for my children but I didn’t hear of it until too late. Take a photo of your child(ren) each year, if possible in the same place works best. Then they and you can see how they have grown and changed with each year. When I saw this idea the girl had been photographed under a rose arch, I imagine in her grandparents’ garden. It was a lovely record.

    • Thank you – We have two plans for something similar – first one is to photographer Lizzie next to Becksie’s wedding dress and as grows up in the dress and the other one is holding her first ever teeny tiny baby grow (Becksie is uber sentimental) – Every week of Becksie’s pregnancy we photographed the bump and then had the photos printed and in a line with a picture of Lizzie at the end 🙂

  7. What a wonderful blog to Lizzie. I am sure she will love reading this one day. You are raising her to know the importance of family and love. This is a lovely keepsake…a treasure. And I love the photos! Keep doing what you are doing…

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