Now a few days ago Ian was sat around enjoying a bit of televised sport and was flicking through the various statistics the lovely people at wordpress give us about this little blog and came across the fact that this was our most read ever post – quite interesting given that it is the one time we have done a direct comparison with what we have bought and what it would of cost online (click the link to read the post, but just as a spoiler local shopping was of course cheaper)!lovely 4

More interesting though was our five least-read posts :(. We guess that this is because most of them were written when we first started the blog (and we were basically writing for ourselves and few family and friends). Given that our readership has increased a little since then (thankfully) we thought it would be nice to re-share our five least-read posts with you – why not take a look through and show them some love!!

In at 5 we have……………. Supermarket Stalkers and Valueless Vouchers

Muddy Cow

Then in joint third we have…………. Wrap it up! and Cakes, Cul de Sacs and Cows

Coming in in a close second we have…………. Jamming all about (you guessed it) Jam!!

jam 5

And finally our least read ever post is……………our very first – Challenge Information!!!

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13 thoughts on “Unloved!

  1. You’ll be pleased to hear that my best read post was the one about crumpets – with a link to your good selves! The giddy heights of 60 views has not been achieved before or since!

  2. The butcher had gone from outside Eagles on Sunday when I went past; the children were quite put out! They were repainting, so they’re hoping he’d just gone to have his apron repainted too 🙂

    I’ve read your unloved posts! I do my Rainbows a party bag every Christmas- they get a little gift and then can put sweets in from the party- and there was no way I was buying 20 bags to just end up in the bin, so I make them bags wrapped round a food box too!
    One year I got lots of pink financial pages from an accountant friend, another year I’d got lots of Chinese language papers from Chinatown in London and last year I used my Lush catalogue. I punched holes in the top and threaded wool through for the handles with a recycled Christmas card name tag. The mums either think they’re fantastic or a bit peculiar, but the girls don’t care as long as it’s got their sweets and present in… 🙂


    • noooooooooooooooo they can’t take away the butcher!!!! I’m with your kids – Upset! I hope you and Sandie will soon be reporting his new (post face lift) return! If not you, me and Sandie will have to agree a time and go and demand his return! Actually you me and Sandie should just arrange a meet up anyway (butchers return or no return)!

      Love the idea of the bags – I’d have loved these as a kid and……… still would as an adult 🙂

      • It’s good to have your replies back!
        I’m definitely up for a meet up- I’m curious to see if I recognise Sandie! Next Saturday is the rather excellent Farmer’s Market in Deddington and then the Day of Dance in Adderbury (home of modern Morris dancing 🙂 ) We’re quite partial to a spot of Morris (watching, not dancing. Men only sides in Adderbury sadly, though they traditionally invite the watchers to join in ‘Shepherd’s Hey’) but it’s a nice afternoon even if you’re not fans! Usually a great atmosphere, helped by the fact they dance outside the (4) pubs in the village!
        Anyway, if you wanted to come to one or both of those that would be fab 🙂

      • Hiya
        its good to be back 🙂 We can’t make this Saturday but….. we’d be up for another trip 🙂 I will get an email going between you me ad Sandie to fix a time 🙂

      • I’m up for a meet up. Let me know what you decide about Saturday – a couple of things happening for us but could try to fit things around. I will have to tell you all about ‘my frugal week’ which I’m having this week 😳!

    • Hi Hazel, I’m hoping to go on Saturday so will let you know. I have to get Archie to an all-day birthday party for 9 o’clock and I’m not sure how long I’ll be there while they get sorted for their daytrip! I’ll find out a bit more and let you know later in the week. Becksie has my email address and I’m happy for her to share it with you as that might make life a bit easier! If we don’t make it on Saturday we’ll sort something else for another time 🙂

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