Desert Island dishes

As I am sure you are aware Team Pugh really enjoys eating. We also enjoy thinking about food, talking about food and eating food. Did we say eating food twice? We really do love food!

A little while ago when with some friends we were talking about food heaven and food hell, Saturday kitchen style, which got us thinking, what would our desert island dishes be? This concept is a bit like desert island discs, except instead of music you get to choose the five dishes you would take to a desert island with you. Well actually a dish wouldn’t
last that long especially in the tropical heat, so perhaps you could take the recipe and a stock of ingredients instead. Anyway, here goes, Ian, Becksie and Lizzie’s top 5 desert island dishes….

Becksiedesert 1

1) Roast pork dinner

2) French onion soup

3) Jenny’s brownie

4) Tomatoes and bacon on homemade toast

5) Stewed apple and ice cream

Lizziedesert 3

1) Banana – just banana and nothing but banana

2) Chicken dinner, lovely chicken dinner with mash and vegtables and gravy, mmmmmm

3) Butternut squash and sweet potato soup

4) Mum’s homemade muffins

5) Toast and marmite

Iandesert 2

1) Becksie’s roast venison dinner – yummy!

2) Raspberry crumble,with oats and (plenty of) sugar on the topping.

3) Haggis, mash and veg.

4) Toad in the hole with roast potatoes, roast parsnip and veg

5) Gammon, homemade chips and salad

It is worth noting that Ian would also have to take Becksie with him to the desert island in order to actuially make any of the above……………

What are your top 5 desert island dishes?


10 thoughts on “Desert Island dishes

  1. – Mock Whitebait Patties (as per the Edmonds Cookbook – NZs favouite cookbook for over 40 years) – definatley. They are like potato and cheese fritters and you can put pretty muhc any veg in,
    – Slow cooked Gammon
    – Oven roasted veg and wedges
    – Cheese on Toast
    – Lasagne

    Wow, how boring am I @ :o)

  2. Oh I’m with you on all of those! I love roast lamb with mint sauce, then a moroccan lamb tagine, followed by any fish on a bed of spinach with parsley or cheese sauce, then raspberry crumble with custard or cream and a fruit salad with any fruit. Mmmm, my tummmy’s rumbling already! X

  3. Our family’s Top Five (at the moment. Prone to change as we also like eating/talking/eating food…)

    1. Roast dinner. Any meat and lots of roast parsnips and potatoes, mashed swede and sauteed cabbage. (Ian- we once got given a leg of Muntjac and that was the best venison I’ve ever had.)
    2. Moules Mariniere and chips (youngest would want me to point out she’s not that keen on mussels, but the rest of us like this)
    3. Beany cheesy potato and spinach bake (A layer of spinach (or nettles at this time of year) in a cheese sauce and a layer of baked beans topped with mashed potato. Eldest’s favourite and much nicer than it sounds!)
    4. Toad in the Hole
    5. Can’t decide between roast veg traybake with cheese or homemade pizza…I know that’s cheating 😉

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