Rosie’s Cheesy Things – a Grandad Gray guest post

So tonight we have a Grandad Gray guest post…………

Sometimes on a Thursday evening Granny and Grandad Gray visit the house of some friends in the village, Rosie and Anthony. They hold a bible study evening and one of the main attractions are the fantastic little treats that Rosie always produces for the group. One of our favourites are Rosie’s Cheesy Things. They are absolutely scrumptious and according to Rosie really simple to make.

Cheesey Things 2

So last night I got Rosie to write down the recipe so that I could have a go at making them for the Pugh’s as they were visiting for dinner/tea. I put this distinction as there is some division in our family between the Southerner’s who eat breakfast, lunch and dinner (and supper) and the Northerner’s who eat breakfast, dinner and tea.

I even upset my friend Trevor, who was over from Lincolnshire by offering him ‘Brunch’. This was only because we had a late breakfast and it was a full English but he could only accept it as breakfast. In that way he wouldn’t miss out on his dinner. As a Southerner I said that his Brunch would keep him full until evening and that he wouldn’t miss his dinner. He assured me that he wouldn’t miss dinner but he still needed it to sustain him until his tea! I think that it proves that Trevor has a very good country appetite.

It would be interesting to take a straw poll of the followers of this blog to see which terminology for their daily food they prefer.

Back to Rosie’s Cheesy Things. It is rather sad that they don’t have a more salubrious name but we all just congratulate her on her ‘cheesy things’ and the name has stuck. So below is the recipe as written out for me.

Cheesey Things 3

As often happens I didn’t have all of the ingredients so I had to substitute honey nut cornflakes for rice crispies.

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl, I added a tiny splosh of milk to help bind it together.

Cheesey Things 4

Make it into golf ball sized balls and spread out on a baking tray.

Cheesey Things 5

Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees, remove and leave to cool.

On taste test I think that mine were only 80% as good as Rosie’s, hopefully this was because of the lack of rice crispies. The next batch will be made with the real thing.

The youngest member of the family certainly approved.

Cheesey Things

The ideal food to have after dinner!


14 thoughts on “Rosie’s Cheesy Things – a Grandad Gray guest post

  1. These look good, I wouldnt have thought of putting cereal in savoury stuff, but then why not! We dont have much in the way of cereal in our house, so I might have to hunt for another substitute. :o)

  2. Thanks Grandad Gray 🙂
    And just to confuse matters, I’m a Southerner but I was brought up to eat breakfast, lunch and tea. Though I was a school Dinner Lady at lunch time for a while and I invite friends over for dinner.
    I am even more fluid in what I call the evening meal now as my children get invited to their friends houses for tea, supper, high tea, dinner…

    • hehe – it seems to be a good subject that perhaps requires further debate! We’d never thought about the fact that dinner ladies (and dinner men) are called dinner but cook lunch – stressful English language – good post idea 🙂

  3. They look gorgeous! I wonder if they’d work with oats as I’m trying to eat less refined suger stull than crispies or nut cornflakes. I think that would be cheaper as well as more nourishing!!! I love the variety of all meal names in the uk!!

  4. Lin.
    Definitely breakfast, lunch and dinner/supper. Dinner if we have friends with us and are being ‘posh’, supper if it is just us!

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