A few things I would like to tell my Nana

nana 1It’s very fast approaching one year since Becksie’s nana left us. Time has really gone very fast indeed but at the same time it also seems like no time at all has passed.  When nana passed away it was extremely sad but at the same time she was very ready to go. If you follow our blog you may have already worked out that this time last year Becksie was heavily pregnant with Lizzie. Except at the time we didn’t know it was Lizzie and Becksie was in fact convinced (most days) that she was having a boy. Nana and Lizzie missed each other by 11 days and this is something Becksie is incredibly sad about – she would really have liked to have told Nana that she had had a girl and had indeed named her Elizabeth after Granny Gray who was named Elizabeth after her grandma.

nana 4

A quite pregnant Becksie – yes……. the bump got bigger!

For Becksie the days between Nana’s death and Nana’s funeral were very weird indeed! Having spent the previous few weeks wishing the baby would hurry up (she’d been waiting so long and nested so much that even the inside of books were dusted) she started to wish the baby would hold on so that she could make the 3 hour journey to Nana’s funeral. Everyone she spoke to said that as Nana’s funeral was set for the day before her due date there is NOOOOOO way she should go. It may not surprise you to know that this was Red Rag to a bull – Becksie was going and there was no stopping her! That is until on the Thursday morning before Nana’s funeral on the Friday Becksie got up at 7am and………. her waters broke! So instead of a trip to Chesterfield it was off to the hospital to find out a) how much childbirth really hurt and b) if we had a pink or a blue one!

nana 5

Lizzie just a few hours old and a very tired Becksie

So after a full day and night Elizabeth came into the world at 4.47am and Becksie’s lovely nana’s funeral started at 9am. A very strange day indeed for Granny Gray who stayed in the delivery suite waiting room all night, met her first grandchild at about 5.30am and then went straight to her mum’s funeral. Nana was well know for her sayings and one of these was something about how one person leaves another enters and in this case she was right. A very strange mix of emotions and Becksie was of course unable to get to the funeral .

When someone dies those left often think of things they would like to ask / tell them so here are a few things Becksie wishes she could ask / tell her Nana!

  1. You were right to advise ‘keeping ones hand on one’s hapenny’ – Childbirth hurts!
  2. You didn’t win the sweepstake – we got a girl and she was born the day before her due date
  3. I’m sure you’d be very proud to know that finally I have mastered the art of bread making something you loved and were incredibly good at – this new skill seems to have only really come to me since you left us so I often secretly speculate that by some magic unknown to the living you passed you skills on to me.WI 10
  4. I am still rubbish at knitting but vow to try harder – I have saught help from Ian’s mum and when I have more time will try again.rabbit 3
  5. I have a few things that were yours but I don’t need them to remind me of you as Lizzie has your sparkly eyes and very often throws me a look that is just you!just another 2
  6. Lizzie says ‘ooohh’ a lot – this was your catch phrase except you added a  ‘dear’ on the end. I’m sure when Lizzie gets more speech she too will say ‘ooohh dear’.nana 3
  7. My mum is slowly but surely turning into you and has taken over saying some of the extremely wonderful comically genius things you used to say.
  8. I’m sorry I didn’t make your funeral – I was busy but I know you wouldn’t have minded.
  9. I have given up shopping in supermarkets and have become really interested in the shopping of the past – tell me how you used to shop and cook for your family.
  10. You’re right housework is never ending.
  11. No I still don’t watch University Challenge!
  12. I know that when I last spoke to you on the phone that you knew the same as I did that this was the last time we would ever talk.nana 2
  13. I love you
  14. I miss you
  15. Cheerio

34 thoughts on “A few things I would like to tell my Nana

  1. Oh Rebekah .what lovely word’s Nanna would be so proud and chuffed with you and little Lizzie …..
    Brought a tear to my eye’s .xxxxxx Val xxxx

  2. Recently lost my mom and this just made me cry, in a good way. They, whoever they are, say one leaves the world to make way for another. Gran is looking down on all of you. And she managed very well without a supermarket. My gran who I lived with for years, wrote her shopping list in a red book, I would drop it in to ‘the butchers’ on the way to school and it was sitting in the table in her kitchen by 4pm. That was proper service! And she fed an extended family on a very small budget.

  3. How very true! You have made me cry. In a similar situation ie my 86 year very special aunt is getting very frail and we know she probably won’t see this Christmas. Old age is very sad. Trying to enjoy our time together but due to health issues, constant problems and practicalities of dealing with her problems is very wearing to us and at times makes me feel resentful, then sorry as I know she can’t help it. Lizzie is very beautiful and indeed she has her great Nana’s eyes. I also was brought up to believe one in and one out of this world. Love your blog, look forward to reading your adventures each evening. Xx

  4. Lovely, emotional post which has brought a tear to my eye. I know exactly how you feel but they are always watching down on us and gently guiding us 🙂 xxx

  5. Beautiful. Really lovely and very spine tingling post. I think your nana would think so too. Remember that day well. Lots of love x

  6. Lovely sentiment. My darling Grandad just missed meeting my daughter by a just a few days, and I often look at my growing children and wish they had known him, as he would have loved them immensely. Nice warm glow from today’s blog 🙂

  7. This is Laura from Sheffield who won your twitter competition – thanks again for the lovely cushion cover!

    Loved your blog post this evening. It made me think that it will be amazing for Lizzie to read your blog when she is older & learn about all the important things that happened before she was born & in her first year!

  8. Aw sweetheart, she knows these things as she is looking down on you. You are lucky to have had a wonderful relationship with your Nana (I never knew mine), and even tho she is no longer physically with you, she lives on inside your heart. xxx

  9. Your Nana sounds like a wonderful lady and I truly believe she is living on through you and your lovely Lizzie. My Grandma sadly died when I was only about 12 but she was lovely – the word I use to describe her is soft. Her afternoon teas were legendary! Her husband, my Grandpa, though lived until the great age of 104 and knew the boys which was so nice for them as he was an amazing man. I’ll tell you more about him one day. Lots of love xx

  10. What a lovely blog…your memories will keep your Nana with you always…I lived with my grandies during parts of my childhood and they are always with me, I learnt so much from them, baked bread and wedding cakes with grandad, wartime recipes with grannie, and a beautiful home and clothes all handmade,, delighted my daughter is now following on from me….Lizzie will learn and carry on your family traditions too Im sure! Arnt family memories wonderful!

  11. What a lovely post – it made me cry too, in a good way. The day Daisy’s mum was born we heard that Daisy’s grandad’s grandma (known as Lambie) had died and everyone then said that Daisy’s mum was the replacement in the family! My niece was born the day of my dad’s funeral – my sister in law was waiting to be induced and my brother had to go straight from the funeral to the hospital. The call later that evening to say that Maria had arrived was a happy end to a sad day.

    Your Nana will always be with you, keeping an eye and helping improve your knitting skills!!

  12. You are so lucky to have a good family-not everyone is so fortunate. I love your sense of humour and your strong approach to life. (And your exclamations!!) It must be true what They say: grief is the price we pay for love.

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