Doing a Hollywood!!

So this morning Becksie decided to watch a little bit of catch up television. Her selection the first episode of Paul Hollywood’s programme about bread!

Paul Hollywood 1

Becksie doing her best Paul Hollywood face!

Ok – this guy is Mr. Bread so……. Becksie was a little surprised by his revelation that using tepid water to activate the yeast is ‘a myth’! Now Becksie has spent a lot of time reading about bread making. Has practiced a lot (ok ok not as much as Mr. Hollywood) and has got to a stage where she is reasonably ok at it and all her (extensive hehe) research and teaching from her late Nana, her own little mummy and even recently the WI teacher says tepid water is the way forward! But……. this is Mr. Bread so Becksie put her grey moustache on and set to work. The following is a (very) rough paraphrase of Mr. Hollywood’s recipe complete with photos of Becksie Hollywood’s attempt to make the ‘perfect bloomer’! Ok Hollywood your on! Lets see the results!

 Take:Paul Hollywood 6

500grams bread flour

7grams quick yeast

10grams salt

Put the yeast and salt in opposites of the bowl

Add a good glug of Olive oil

320ml water – cold please it’s a myth to use warm water

Cool water lets the yeast grow slowly giving the bread a better taste.

Fingers in like a claw to mix it

Add enough water until you have a messy yet wet dough. Do not put flour on the table but olive oil!Paul Hollywood 2

Knead knead knead

Dough will be rough but knead for 10 minutes the dough will look smooth

Use your weight to knead the bread this gets rid of bingo wings

Place in bowl

Clingfilm over the bowl to prevent the air from drying out the crust

Prove for about 2 hrs until it’s at least doubled in size

Smash out the air this gives you a better structure

Flatten and fold it into itself make it into a bloomer shape

Second prove for about 2hours

Finish by spraying with water and dusting with flour and cutting the topPaul Hollywood 5

Hot oven 225c for 25 minutes!

And now a professional baking secret fill a baking dish with cold water in the bottom of the oven this will create a ‘beautiful’ steam bath (his word’s not ours) allowing expansion and a giving a lovely golden brown crustPaul Hollywood 4

If its hollow it’s ready

Do not eat when hot!

Paul Hollywood 3

The results:

Well the loaf looks lovely but a little flat!

Kneading cold dough was bizarre and felt to Becksie wrong

The olive oil tip didn’t really work that well

The extra oil has made the inside of the loaf more like a foccacio and not at all bloomer like

Sorry Paul you may be Mr. Bread but……….. tepid water and my Nana’s recipe produce better results for me. However the one you made looked AMAZING and if you want to give Becksie a personal bread making lesson to correct her mistakes please feel free to get in touch – she will definitely wear the moustache!


13 thoughts on “Doing a Hollywood!!

  1. You look disconcertingly good with a ‘tache…
    I have tried making loaves not in a tin, but also find them a bit flat, and there seems to be a higher ‘crust:bread’ ratio, and as the Smalls won’t eat the crusts (grrrrrrrr), I have reverted to a tin.
    Also, I find that when I make my slashes, I end up squashing my bread at the same time-where am I going wrong Ms Hollywood?

    • Thank you re. the tache, i quite like it! I am mostly an out of tin bread maker, didn’t realise this about the crust, this bloomer was not as blooming lovely as Hollywood promised

  2. Look like me 20 years ago. I find that using wholemeal flour on its own make bread heavy. I use 75% ordinary plain to 25% strong wholemeal makes a much lighter loaf. And I am really called Paul and once had a tache!

  3. Your bread dough rose too high. Even in the bowl, if you forget your dough batch and it rises too high, you will end up with holes.

    Once your dough is in your pans, watch it carefully, as well. It will continue to rise after you put it into the oven, so it doesn’t have to be “bread-sized” before placing it in your oven.

    Also shaping your bread a bit slender on the width, will give, you more height.

  4. I made this earlier in the week and it is definitely my standard daily loaf now. It tastes amazing, much better than any bread I’ve made before. I did the same as you but didn’t have any holes in it, not sure what happened there. Give it another go I promise it’s worth it. Your blog is so inspiring, I’m thinking of starting my own.

  5. I haven’t been baking my own bread (except for the odd soda bread) much over the last couple of years, but decided to start baking my own bread again. The girls are eating so much bread, esp. when they have friends over. One loaf of bread disappears in a matter of moments!
    I don’t think I’ll go Hollywood, though. I’m not that adventurous. I’ll start by baking challah again. 🙂

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