A very lovely Community Shop

So the weekend bought with it some lovely weather and trip to Highworth for a little potter about! On the way just 3 miles from our house we saw a sign that said ‘community shop’! Now if you’d been in the car and heard the exclamations of excitement you might have thought the sign said ‘free houses’ or ‘free holidays’! How very exciting to live so close to such a shop!

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We’ve read and heard a great deal about community shops and so we parked up and Lizzie went in to investigate whilst Ian and Becksie stayed in the car – just kidding Becksie went in to investigate whilst Ian and Lizzie stayed in the car.

Behind this door lies a local shoppers dream

Behind this door lies a local shoppers dream

As Becksie walked in she was greeted by a rather lovely gentleman called Duncan and shelves full of lovely products at very reasonable prices. It was simply lovely, homely, neat and a million times nicer than Asda, Tesco et al.

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This shop is run for local people by local people! The money they make goes either back into the business or to charity causes close to volunteers hearts. A true inspiration. They had a rather good tin section which Becksie viewed for longer than a normal person would view a tin section of a shop. Becksie was in fact fighting an internal battle of yesteryear ‘see tinned products stock up quick’ but….. As we explained here we don’t need to do this. We just need to buy what, well….. what we need. So after careful thought some items were selected. Becksie paid Duncan and went back to tell Ian and Lizzie about their newest local shopping gem! We’ll be going back for sure (Becksie is even considering volunteering). Somehow we feel this special local shop deserves more blog time.

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It was then on to Highworth where we got cheese, fruit and vegetables, eggs and milk. And…… The total shop cost a cool £23.50.  A saving if £26.50,  now we know not might not seem like a lot but we did a bigger shop last week and we don’t want to waste a thing.

A little yet great shop and some very very happy shoppers who will be returning to and blogging much more about this lovely community shop (and others) very soon.


15 thoughts on “A very lovely Community Shop

  1. Lovely to hear about another community shop doing a great job!! Daisy and her mum will have to visit when they’ve moved.

  2. What a lovely sounding shop. Reading your blog has inspired to find community and farm shops near me. Shame I have no idea where to start!

    • hiya, thanks for reading and for the link. Driving miles is one of the perils of living in the countryside, we try where possible to shop in Faringdon or when we are on our way somewhere. 3 miles to the community shop is far better than the 10 miles each way we used to drive to our nearest large supermarket!

  3. I’d love to live near a community shop! I’ve never even been in one, I don’t even know where the nearest one is. It’s nice to hear what they’re like and when we move next we’ll look for a village with a community shop, or maybe even start one! Thanks for that report.

  4. Ah right! Thank you. I knew Coleshill organics was there, but didn’t know about the community shop. Will maybe pop in next time I’m passing through.

  5. We have the Green Valley Grocer and the Handmade Bakery in Slaithewaite, about 4miles ftom home in Huddersfield. Fantastic places, lovely people, much nicer than Sainsburys, which I’ve given up!

  6. WOW! I have now been able to find a community shop just 5 mins drive away from me! Amazing, thanks for pointing this out Team Pugh!

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