The Dog Ate Our Blog


A lovely display in the library of the houses of Faringdon

Happy weekend folks! Greetings from Costa del Faringdon – some sunshine with some warmth in it – amazing. Today we had a lovely day pottering around Faringdon and the surrounds, but more about that coming your way later! Both Becksie and Ian had haircuts and Lizzie had a lovely time playing out in the sun. We were also delighted to see a queue outside ourlocal butchers this morning, viva la local shopping!


As we have had such a lovely day and find ourselves very tired we are not so enthusiastic about writing a blog post this evening. Posting each day does often feel like having another job, and so tonight we are ‘phoning in sick’, the only problem is what excuse can we use? After racking our brains we had too many to narrow it down to just one, so we present to you our top 10 8 (we ran out of steam at 8) reasons that we are ‘pulling a sickie’ with tonight’s blog…..

1) The dog ate our blog.


2) Our alarm didn’t go off.

3) We’ve superglued our fingers together.

4) We are washing our hair.

5) We locked our keys in our car.

6) We’ve lost our shoes.

7) We forgot that we wrote a blog.

8) We got lost on the way back from the market.



14 thoughts on “The Dog Ate Our Blog

  1. Daisy’s Grandad could use excuse no. 5 today (ask Daisy’s mum!!). You do a great job and are entitled to ‘pull a sickie’ occasionally! xxx

    • Oh no! Locking the keys in the car is sooooo annoying, I did it at Burford Garden Centre once – oops! Will ask Jenny all about it. xx

  2. Love the excuses!! I shall add them to my own favourites! I quite agree, you deserve a day off sometimes, xxx

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