A Busy Little Day!

So another busy day at Team Pugh HQ, or rather away from Team Pugh HQ as it happens, Ian was out at work keeping the world ticking over and Becksie and Lizzie went off on a mini adventure!

Lizzie at soft play! this is a stock photo but you get the idea, big grins, brightly coloured plastic

Lizzie at soft play! This is a stock photo but you get the idea, big grins, brightly coloured plastic

First stop was a fab soft play centre where much fun was had by all, and thanks to the wonders of technology Becksie was able to listen to a rather good radio show whilst there. Ah yes, the radio! Radio 4’s You and yours program featured a story about local shopping, whether the mistrust of supermarkets generated from the horse meat scandal had been forgotten and if the local food revival was over. There was even a chat about whether local shopping could in fact be cheaper, and a little piece featuring none other than Team Pugh! You can listen to the show below (we come on around 37 minutes in if you do not want to listen to it all), those of you with good ears might even hear Lizzie making her radio debut in the background!


After the fun of the soft play centre Becksie and Lizzie headed home via a little market that they knew was on to finish this week’s shopping. Only one problem, the market had closed early……or rather the market had closed on time, and due to us not being organised enough to put the car clock forward by an hour Becksie got completely duped into thinking she was an hour earlier than she was, thus losing an hour for the second time this week, if only we could find a way to keep gaining hours! And Ian thought he had done so well by whizzing round and changing all of the clocks in the house on Sunday morning, we have been known not to change some for a whole six months, Ian even once had a watch that didn’t keep particularly good time and so he ended up subtracting 1 hour and 17 minutes to work out the actual time, but we digress.


So having missed the market (and Becksie cutting her lip on the parking ticket – don’t ask) Becksie and Lizzie headed on their way home pondering what to do about the lack of vegetables. Just as they thought they would have to go home empty handed they saw a sign for a farm shop so….. they pulled in and discovered a real treasure. Three Trees Farm shop is a wonderful shop and we will defiantly be returning to do a ‘big’ shop. We got some fruit and vegetables and some walnuts and cream, they even had frozen peas. And the best part is its only about 15 miles away and on a route we travel a lot. It feels like the ‘local shopping gods’ are looking down on this little supermarket free family.

And if you happen to have recently joined us as a reader or follower then hello! Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoy!


12 thoughts on “A Busy Little Day!

  1. Well done for the Radio 4 interview, well put points and I think you might have made the interviewer think about using a market, he sounded rather impressed! And yes I did hear Lizzie making her first radio appearance.

  2. That was so nice, hearing your voice on the radio. 🙂
    Frozen peas… ooooh! I miss those already, and I’m only four weeks in yet. I’ll have to find a solution to that problem. Thankfully, all the really nice veggies I buy at the market make it easy to forget that we don’t have any frozen peas anymore.

  3. I knew you’d make it on to Radio 4 eventually! I just missed hearing it yesterday as I was in the car but got to my destination before you came on!!!

    Voted for you as requested in two categories – newbies and inspirational! Hope you win xx

    • Heard you on Radio 4 yesterday in the car, looked up your blog when I got home, surfed a little and learned about your involvement with Dress a Girl around the World, thought about my cupboard full of fabrics bought for unrealised dressmaking projects. You’ve given me lots of food for thought and some projects too! Thanks so much 🙂

      • Hiya

        Thank you for finding us 🙂 Dress a girl is an amazing project and making the dresses gets very addictive – a fab way to use up fabric 🙂 Best Wishes

    • Thank you for voting 🙂 We were delighted to be asked to do the radio 4 interview and we’ve had a brilliant response 🙂 Hope you are well xx

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