Spring Trotters!

Lizzie's first EVER play outside in the garden

Lizzie’s first EVER play outside in the garden

Sun! Today we actually had some! If you stood in a certain spot and stood very still looking at a certain angle today was almost tropical (in comparison to the last few weeks anyway). It has really seemed like Spring has forgotten it has meant to have sprung and to quote Grandad Gray the world has been ‘in suspended animation’. Today however for the first time this year it seemed a little more hopefully that Spring might get under way. Are we the only ones who are sick of this Narniaesque weather? As an aside before we get on with today’s main news we wanted to tell you that we read one positive of the extreme amounts of cold weather……..we can expect a bumper apple crop. Fabulous.

spring 2

Now today was Faringdon farmers market so off we popped to get some food shopping in and…… we weren’t disappointed. Meat from the lovely folk at Dews Meadow Farm (more on this in a moment). A big stock up on flour, some goats cheese and a flavour of Stainswick Farm Rapeseed Oil we hadn’t tried before. Now sadly the lovely fruit and vegetable stall was not at the market today so our shopping is incomplete but never fear we have money left in the budget and a cunning plan so keep coming back to find out more.

So a rather disjointed shop (you may remember we did a little bit at the lovely farm we visited the other day) on which we can not yet report the total cost but just in case maths is your thing we thought we’d give you some money based information. So……. our normal weekly budget is £50 which means not including this weeks shop we could have spent a total of £1050 (thats £50 x 21 weeks – Becksie is rubbish at Maths but learnt at school if you show your workings you get some credit) we have actually spent (drum roll please) £766.30 a total saving to date of £283.70! Amazing! However this isn’t quite the whole picture as it struck us today that by having a budget in place and normally doing all our shopping at once we have also saved money by completely getting rid of the ‘top up’ shop (you know go for milk come back with 57 other items). We conclude this is yet another reason this experiment is working for us.

spring 3

Now we mentioned there would be more on the meat front. Well……… not only did we get this lovely bag from Jane at Dews Meadow Farm we also purchased for the princely sum of 70p two pig trotters!

spring 4We saw them and thought why not? So very soon we will be seeing just what we can do with these (we know not everyone would be up for this but one of our rules is to try new things so hey ho) lets hope Rose Higgins can help us with recipe suggestions.


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  1. I see you have some spelt flour – do you use it in bread or cakes? For some reason I like the idea of spelt. I think it’s because it’s an older grain experiencing a revival and I think it’s exciting to see what it can be used for! Let me know any good recipe ideas 🙂
    PS Becksie, I’ve worked my phone out now!!

    • Hiya spelt flour is great – we will post about it soon but the walnut and raisin bread we posted about (Becksie goes to Disney Land again) uses spelt 🙂

  2. Do you know, when I saw the title of this post I wondered whether to share that we eat pigs trotters, but thought it must be about something else!
    I’ll be interested to see what Rose suggests, but we like them in this http://www.channel4.com/4food/recipes/chefs/hugh-fearnley-whittingstall/chinese-pig-s-trotters-recipe though I rarely follow the recipe exactly. Sometimes I add belly pork, sometimes I just use trotters and the sauce is a loose adaptation based on what I have at the time.
    When we were children we used to eat them boiled with salt to sprinkle on top as a Saturday teatime treat! (I think my mum was master of the PR job! However, I’ve done well enough that my 3 beg me to buy them if we see them for sale, much to the consternation of the butcher.)
    You can also add them to brawn. I think I should challenge you to make it! I’m going to make some whilst it’s still cold enough to have it hanging around brining. It is really delicious- great in sandwiches or even fried with mashed potato and cabbage 🙂

    We went to Blenheim yesterday and when we got back in the car the temperature was 10 C!! Ridiculously exciting to be in double figures in April…

  3. Morning Teampugh, Thank you for the visit to our stall and purchases …great to have the radio there, I am pleased you like the bag ! There should be recipes on Goggle ! What time is it on the radio…or have I missed it, if so I should be able to go to iplayer. We must get together. Saturday and Sunday afternoons are good as I will have got home from the market….wed…most thurs…. It would e good if you give me a ring when it suits you. My direct line is…01235 867558 Look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes Jane.

  4. Enjoyed the item on Y&Y and it has got me thinking…where I live -near Leeds- the local farmers market is on a work day & it seems to defeat part of the object to drive miles & miles to another one…but I will be working on altering my shopping habits

  5. Heard you on Radio4 – I am still partly a supermarket bunny but also use local farm shops and farmers’ markets (various Hampshire ones), I had 3 and a half years on ESA and now a pensioner so know all about having to live on a tight budget. I wonder if IDS will take up the challenge and try to live on £53 a week or whatever it was.

    I’m facing a house move following divorce some time in the near future and wherever I go to – I intend to extend my use of local shops and markets and also to make more use of my bus pass and less reliance on the car I share with a friend.

    Many years ago, when I first set up home on my own, I bought, or was given a brilliant cookbook by Jocasta Innes called The Pauper’s Cookbook. It was out of print for a long time but is now revised and back on sale. If you follow the link in my sig. It will take you to a Squidoo article where I talk about the book and ‘planned eating’ which is a chapter in the book. I’m not sure about the pigs trotters but you would find lots of useful recipes in there. My other Squidoo lenses have some great low cost recipes too.

    Great blog and I will enjoy reading more of it later on.

  6. Just listened to you on the radio so had a look through your blog. What a great venture. We tried to do something similar a couple of years ago – what drew us back to the supermarket was having a household with multiple food allergies and intolerances which means we need to buy specific products to avoid health problems. We are in rural Devon and many of those products are not available nearby out of the supermarket. Do you only buy products that you can easily get to? Do you buy anything on line? or is that considered cheating (I note it is not on your rules)? The radio programme and your blog have inspired me to reconsider and try again. At least now I know what I can and can’t get locally and if I am very clear that I will only go into the supermarket for a specific product, maybe I can get away with it. I noticed you have stopped buying rice and pasta. How is that possible? or do you buy those in bulk somewhere? I like the washing up liquid recipe and am going to try that today. What we have recently started is making a weekly menu for evening meals. What a shock that has been. I am using up freezer items, only buying what I need, and haven’t had to do any emergency trips to the supermarket. So I guess there are all sorts of things we can do to make it all work for us. Well done you all. Tricia

    • Hiya

      Great to hear from you 🙂 We haven’t bought anything online since we started or in fact ever been online food shoppers – we like to chose the items we eat. We do eat rice and pasta but a small bag lasts us ages – we have had a few comments about our lack of rice and pasta so are beginning to think we are in the minority – a bag of pasta last us a while. Good luck with your local shopping and thank you for reading 🙂

  7. Just heard your interview on Radio 4 & it interested me enough to come & look at your blog. I live in Derbyshire & I’m sure we have plenty of Farmers Markets around here. Chesterfield our nearest town I know have one on Saturdays so I’ll get hubby to take us over for more of a look-around now that he’s retired. I’m looking forward to saving some money if nothing else. Thanks…Mgt.

    • Fab stuff and great to hear from you – Chesterfield has some great local food, we lived in Derby for 4 years (university) and Becksie’s nana and other family members live in Calow 🙂 happy shopping x

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