April Fools

This morning started with a few April fools jokes, Becksie pranked Auntie Leah into thinking that she had driven to Manchester to visit her, a mean April fool indeed. Becksie and Leah then constructed a supermarket based prank to play on Uncle Liam and Grandad Gray, telling them that Uncle Liam’s favourite local whole food store had been caught buying their products at a well known supermarket and re-packaging them – Uncle Liam fell for it hook, line and sinker and was mortified, and having been pranked by Auntie Leah Grandad Gray thought that the trick was so good he phoned Becksie to get her with the same gag, not realising she had in fact helped make the joke up!!

Image from The Raw campaign

Image from The Raw campaign

Becksie also came across a good April Fools gag on twitter, Chicken Milk, the sustainable alternative to cows milk. One glass provides half of your daily calcium! Of course this is not real, but rather part of a campaign by Raw, who are, to quote their website “an ambitious, international campaign to kickstart a food and farming revolution. Raw will expose and explore the true cost of factory farming and build a movement for positive, practical food and farming solutions. Raw believes in better farming; farming that is safer, fairer and greener; farming that gives us all access to healthy, affordable food.

Now it would seem that Raw and Team Pugh’s beliefs on this whole food lark are not too dissimilar, basically that we should eat less, use what we have better and eat local and seasonal foods where possible. They are also campaigning against factory farming, their website is well worth a look!

kevin 4As it turns out that it is an April fools gag and we cannot start drinking milk from Paul, Barry and Kevin we still need to sort out our milk conundrum, but after our visit to the farm and a bit more research we may have a solution very close to home, but more of that later in the week hopefully!

farm 4


april fools 1

Photo by Sara Juliet Photography

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3 thoughts on “April Fools

  1. There’s a whole other debate to be had about cow milk in the first place… Is it better unpasturised, raw? Better to make your own nut, coconut or hemp milk? Or why not simply use mum’s, if she is willing/able to… (Highly recommend “breastfeeding in the land of Gengis Khan” for a whole different societal perspective on mother’s milk).

  2. My mum just when organic and my best friend’s mum too. but still shop in supermarkets and drink bottled water.

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