Day 1 and Day 2

day 1 3

So yesterday was the first day we were living below the line. Our shopping trip was truly painful and day 1 was hard. The most interesting thing Becksie has discovered is why it is hard to be hungry. Hunger is hard on ones belly but…… what’s much harder than hunger is hunger plus the worry that your little one will be in any way hungry. Day 1 was tough because of this. In terms of food on day one we had as much food as Continue reading


Shopping below the Line

Shopping below the line was really hard! Every penny counted and this was a raw and if we are honest embarrassing event that has really made us think!living 2

As you will know we are used to shopping on a £50 budget and are extremely strict that we don’t exceed this amount. The truth is that for our needs £50 is more than enough. Even our £25 shopping week was fine as we knew we had a cupboard full of herbs, spices and other ingredients that can make food taste really good. This time it was different, everything we could eat for the week, including those things that we use to Continue reading

A Sad Day

A very sad day for Team Pugh, Paul the Chicken has passed on :(. Paul lived a very happy little life, we reared her from a little chick, and she outlived her little chick buddies by quite some time, loved scratting around for food and giving herself soil baths in the borders.

Paul 1

Now as you will know Paul’s egg supply has somewhat declined of late and so in terms of food production Paul’s loss will not be too acute, however we will certainly miss her rather quizzical looks and Ian will miss her pecking at his toes when he is stupid enough to go into the pen Continue reading

A Really Good Night in

a good night in 3Yesterday was Macmillan’s  ‘Really Good night in’! Becksie went along with her friend Sara to a lovely event in Faringdon that was organised by a fellow Folly Dolly! A lovely time was had by all, tea, cakes, pizza and a raffle with wonderful prizes (we incidentally didn’t win a thing grrrrr). As one of the fund raisers there was a cupcake competition and one of the plates of cupcakes, made by Ruth was soooooooo totally brilliant that Becksie thought they were worth a little blog post.a good night in 1

Becksie would like to take the credit for these but…… these are all Ruth’s – we would have made a batch but Ruth’s were so lovely we don’t think we could have done any better.

Couldn’t be simpler really – basic cupcake recipe but instead of using cupcake cases use an ice cream cone. Continue reading

Feeling a little scared

When we first decided to take part in live below the line we thought ‘this will be really easy’! Up until last week we held the same opinion! Just a few days to go and Team Pugh (well the grown up girl member) is starting to feel a little uneasy.

scared 2So…… as you know we are not meal planners (heck we are not planners full stop!) but even we admit that our live below the line shopping needs some thought and planning! EEEKkk! So what better way to start than to see what the guidelines say and what others who have done it before say! That done and we feel slightly sick. In most other people’s mentions of it are the words ‘supermarket’ and ‘basics’! For obvious reasons this is not an option. Becksie starts to Continue reading