A Day on the Farm

So today we headed out to a nearby farm open day at Abbey Home Farm, near Cirencester. We had an early (for us) start and the weather was not what you would call tropical, but we are very glad we went as we had a great little morning!

farm 3

Lizzie drove us there safely :)

Lizzie drove us there safely 🙂

On arriving we headed out for a guided walk of the farm with the farmer, Will. It was great to look around with Will, who clearly knew and cared a great deal about food production and animal care, we saw calves that were less than a week old, Lizzie was particularly pleased to see them, trying to say hello to them with plenty of ‘ooooooohhhhhsss’. The farm has both beef cows and milking cows, pigs and chickens, both table and laying hens. Will explained that whilst it was sad to send the animals ‘down the road’ as he put it, it was a fact of farming and was ok as long as they had given them the best life they could on the farm (interestingly Will also told us that he was a vegetarian).

farm 6

We really loved this place, the farm is really well run and employs a lot of people in its various capacities, livestock, gardens, shop and café.  By far the best bit of the tour however was finding out that not only do they milk their cows on site but also process and sell their own milk and dairy products directly, you can even buy the milk in 1 or 2 litre metal churns, which you can take back to be refilled! Amazing – finally some progress in our milk issues mission but…. we still need to find a solution closer to home so we figured we wouldn’t invest in a churn just yet.

farm 4

So…….after the tour we headed into the farm shop and had a lovely chat with Hilary, the lady who set the farm shop up and is our idol having not been in a supermarket for 14 years. We had a good look around and were not disappointed, there were lots of great products, a lot of which were produced directly on the farm, unfortunately we were unable to do a ‘big’ shop as we need to shop on Tuesday this week (all will be revealed). We did, however, buy a couple of little bits for this coming weeks’ shopping, some coconut, some butter and of course some milk!

farm 1

We will definitely be returning and can highly recommend this place.


11 thoughts on “A Day on the Farm

  1. This looks like an amazing place and I would love to visit. Thanks for the recommendation and Happy Easter to you all x

  2. I fondly remember farm visits when my girls were little – enjoy!
    I love Lizzie’s hat and cardigan too! Looks as though there’s a good knitter around!

    Happy Easter – Emma.

    • Hehe – Aunty Kath made the cardy and a good friend made the hat – Becksie did start a jumper for Lizzie but by the time its finished she’ll be 25 haha! thanks for reading

  3. we went their yesterday. it was lovely & andy bought me a lovely bag for easter. we sometimes have a bowl of soup in the cafe as we reckon that is better value than a starbucks coffee, which we try and avoid too because of tax reasons & wanting to avoid chainstores

  4. Oh wow! That’s just so cool!
    I’m still hoping to find a farm close by where I can buy my organic milk, butter and eggs.

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